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Evenoire | Vitriol

by Joe Mis
Staff Writer —

If you are looking for something a little bit different, the debut album from the Italian metal band Evenoire may be just the ticket. Their upcoming album entitled Vitriol blends influences of Gothic metal, symphonic metal, and folk metal into an interesting and unique offering that while not perfect, definitely marks the band as one to watch in the future.

Formed back in 2007 and fronted by the amazing voice and flute of Lisy Stefanoni, Evenoire is doing its best to separate itself from the pack of female fronted bands by melding diverse influences and seeking a true, new sound. Lisy’s voice is strong and expressive, and her styles range from almost full-on operatic to soft and child-like, but she is most effective on the softer end. Lisy also plays the flute – which is used well, and not abused in any way. Guitars are provided by the duo of Alessandro Gervasi and Toshiro Brunelli. They work well together and seem equally comfortable whether standing in the spotlight or laying down supporting riffs beneath the flute and vocals. Marco Binotto is a fine bass player and works hand in hand with standout drummer Daniele Foroni, and indeed the whole band works together flawlessly.

The orchestral instrumental “Vitriol” opens the CD and sets the tone for the balance of the CD. The guitars kick in on “Days Of The Blackbird,” a tune that runs the gamut from soft and flowing to intense and growling. The only rough spot on this track is the tendency for Lisy’s voice to thin out when she pushes to the very top end of her range during the chorus. Soft flutes and a great bit of bass & drum coordination make “Misleading Paradise” a very powerful track that builds to a brooding intensity and features some fine duet vocals with German soprano Gaby Koss, and a very sweet guitar break by Gervasi and Brunelli. “Forever Gone” brings in some good keyboards and a very progressive metal tone and a number of interesting timing changes. Overall this is the strongest track on the release, and it allows everyone in the band to have their moment. “The Prayer” is a soft and sweet acoustic track that highlights Lisy’s softer side.

“The Girl By The Lake” is more of a straight up progressive rocker that features a kicky rhythm line, solid bass work, great drumming, and allows Lisy to stretch her vocal legs. The entire band is very tight on this track, and each member gets a time at the front. Slick acoustic guitars, good bass work, and a real folk feel courtesy of Lisy’s flute make “Minstrel Of Dolomites” a memorable song. “Alchimia” is a varied track that runs the gamut from acoustic to heavy and puts the band through its paces, but the tempo and style changes seem a bit forced and artificial rather than flowing. The album wraps with “Wise King,” another rocker with a bubbling bass line, a flute intro, and all around solid performances from all.

Vitriol is an outstanding debut album overall. The musical ability of Evenoire’s members is without question, and the band functions well as a unit. The mix and engineering is warm and friendly, and highlights all of the subtleties of their metal/folk ballads nicely without allowing the root of the music to get lost in the details. On rare occasion some of Lisy’s vocals get buried among the instruments, and that is one of the few flaws on the release. Their songs are well crafted and nicely balanced, and the variety of tones and tempos keep the album interesting and lively.

If you are into the folk-metal thing or enjoy gothic or symphonic metal, you will definitely enjoy Evenoire. While not perfect, Vitriol is a very strong debut album and proves Evenoire to be a true up-and-coming act. The combination of raw musical talent and Lisy’s haunting voice gives Evenoire all the tools to make a major impact on the symphonic/goth scene. Recommended for fans of the genre.

Vitriol will be released on March 26, 2012.

Genre: Gothic Folk Metal

Lisy Stefanoni (vocals, flute)
Marco Binotto (bass)
Alessandro Gervasi (guitar)
Toshiro Brunelli (guitar)
Daniele Foroni (drums)
Guest musician: Gaby Koss (vocals on “Misleading Paradise”)

Track Listing:
1. Vitriol
2. Days Of The Blackbird
3. Misleading Paradise
4. Forever Gone
5. The Prayer
6. The Girl By The Lake
7. Minstrel Of Dolomites
8. Alchimia
9. Wise King

Label: Scarlet Records


Hardrock Haven rating: 7.5/10