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John Kevill of Warbringer

by Steve Patrick
Staff Writer —

The members of Californian thrash outfit Warbringer are unabashed fans of the old-school. Their latest record, 2011’s Worlds Torn Asunder, is a relentless attack of 80’s thrash sound and sensibility. Even luminaries of the original Bay Area thrash scene have thrown their support behind the up-and-coming Warbringer. For example, Bill Metoyer (Slayer) produced their debut album War without End and Gary Holt of Exodus produced their sophomore album Waking into Nightmares.

Recently Warbringer rolled through Columbus, OH supporting Symphony X and Iced Earth. After Warbringer’s set at the Newport Music Hall, lead singer John Kevill shared with Hardrock Haven the reason he loves thrash metal and what it would take to make him karate kick my mother:

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