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Aurélie Lilith of Lilith to Kill

by Craig Newman
Guest Writer —

New French Metal band Lilith to Kill Talks with HRH

Hardrock Haven: What age did you start singing?

Lilith: I always wanted to sing and make music! For me it’s really essential! I can’t live without! So I sing since very long time.

Hardrock Haven: Your influences as a music artist?

Lilith: I listen lot of music, in very different styles; it’s hard to choose one artist, even if I really like Amy Lee!

Hardrock Haven: Who is in the band?

Lilith: We have a new guitar player called Fred, Aqua on bass he’s created the band with me. Currently we are searching a new drummer but I think when people will read this, we have found him… or her! (laughs)

Hardrock Haven: Are you performing?

Lilith: Yes we try to play on stage the most we can, but without drummer it was difficult.

Hardrock Haven: Are the songs written by you and with others?

Lilith: I write music and lyrics with Aqua, at home we have a kind of home studio and with Fred on guitar it’s more easy now!

Hardrock Haven: Does the band name have a meaning?

Lilith: The name was an idea from Aqua (Bass), it means lots of things for us, because it’s a part of my personality and my nickname but it sounds great too, I think (laughs)

Hardrock Haven: Is the EP download only? Plans for Vinyl release?

Lilith: We have limited editions, people can get it on our online store, a Vinyl would be really cool, maybe one day, I can’t say more for now.

Hardrock Haven: What do you guys like to do when not doing music stuff?

Lilith: We play on World of War craft or recently Diablo, real Geek! Or simply be with friends.

Hardrock Haven: What are your ambitions now?

Lilith: Sign with a good label that believes in us and play more and more on stage! Currently we are working on our first album it’s exciting!

Hardrock Haven: What piece of art and/or film is important to you?

Lilith: My favorite movies are love stories, one of my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, PS: I Love You and the best A Moment to Remember a Korean movie.

For more info on Lilith to Kill go to:!/Lilithtokill