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Maragarita Monet of Edge of Paradise

by Craig Newman
– Columnist —

Maragarita Monet who co-founded the band with guitarist Dave Bates during 2011 met when working on another music project. On their debut CD Mask, Edge Of Paradise unleash an aggressive, knockout punch of industrial heavy metal with other music veterans bassist, Tony Franklin and drummer Gregg Bissonette. Hardrock Haven caught up with Maragarita and talked about the band as well as upcoming music projects.

Craig Newman: Who is the current members of the band?

Maragarita Monet: Myself as vocalist and keyboards, Dave Bates on guitar, Kurt Sheaffer on bass, and Gene McEwen on drums also worked with Ryan Jones on drums. We have studio musicians and touring musicians whoever can commit and for touring. Like if we have forty shows we have players on deck.

Craig Newman: Is there current info on your album?

Maragarita Monet: Our debut album is called MASK that came out September 2011 and has nine tracks. Got to number on 41 almost top 40 on the Loud Chart (laughter). We are still promoting it and working on a new album with producer Michael Wagner. Have a new single coming out called “In A Dream” and more songs for the new album.

Craig Newman: I saw the video for the cover of video Motley Crue’s “Saint in Los Angeles.” Who decided to do that?

Maragarita Monet: It wasn’t our decision, we were contacted from Versailles Records that put out compilations every month and are now putting out a Motley Crue compilations and asked us to remake a song. Bands such as Quiet Riot are covering songs too.

Craig Newman: Are there local shows planned for this year or next year?

Maragarita Monet: We decided no local shows planned for Los Angeles. We are going to play at national festivals and are mainly concern with getting on a big tour as a supporting act. Our next gig is in Hawaii for a week, we are co-headlining a Halloween music festival.

Craig Newman: Is there is a release date for the new album?

Maragarita Monet: What we want to do is release the single and two more songs from it, because by then it will be almost the end of the year, so we can play them live. Well play them at the Hawaii show. We currently have only have four songs. The whole album will album to be released during 2013. It takes a lot of money to make an album and rather put our efforts to touring.

Craig Newman: Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing the new album and seeing you perform again next year.

Maragarita Monet: Your welcome.

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  1. Gerry C. Newman // September 16, 2012 at 4:49 pm //

    She has beauty, talent, voice, power, grace and class, i bet we’ll be hearing more of them
    I wish you guys best of luck, you really sound great, very original and epic!

  2. Nice! Checked out the In a dream tune, that’s one great song, waiting to hear the full thing!
    Man this band needs to get out there fast! This chick can sing!

  3. great voice and great performance!

  4. She’s really pretty, love her voice!

  5. blown away by theirmusic! Horns up!

  6. THis is a great band! I LOVE their music!

  7. Fuckin awesome band!!! Can’t wait for the new album!

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