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Monument | Rock the Night

by John Kindred
– Publisher —

Monument performs balls-to-the-wall aggressive Traditional British metal that will rip out the cones in your speakers if you hit “Play” with the volume cranked. From the streets of East London, Peter Ellis, former White Wizzard vocalist, takes up the calling and unleashes a barrage of metallic fury on the band’s EP titled Rock the Night. Ellis is joined by guitarists Lewis Stephens and David del Cid, bassist Jim Ramses and drummer Matt C.

Monument is another up-and-coming group that delivers revitalized New Wave of British Heavy Metal, dubbed NWOBHM for short. But calling it that doesn’t convey the real meaning of this reborn genre as much as hearing it will. The wall of sound that Monument delivers pushes the drivers of your speakers to the limit, as the thunderous bass, pounding drums and metal guitars rip at your soul. Top it off with vocals inspired by Maiden, Priest and Lizzy Borden, and the icing simply melts right off the cake.

The twin axe attack harkens back to those ‘80s giants who defined the genre and pushed metal to the extreme edge of the sonic landscape. The five-song EP opens with the title track and features none other than current Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner, who performs a guitar solo. The music’s ferocity hits you in the gut from the get-go. Energized with brazened riffs and a driving beat, Ellis opens up with full-on-metal vocal that demands a “take-no-prisoner attitude.” By the time you slip into “Carry On,” your mind will be flashing back to days when metal burned like a flame that never could be extinguished. The song features a dual harmony riff, which is the catalyst that hurries over the hammering of Matt C’s drums. Ellis belts out the lyrics with reckless abandon.

If you’re looking to get a breather, well, “Midnight Queen” isn’t going to deliver. The band chooses to keep the tempo moving. The song injects a head-bobbing groove, carried forth by the rhythmic chant of Ellis’ vocals. The band isn’t afraid to deliver anthem-style choruses, as each song, until now, features gang background vocals that help raise the intensity level. The solo is melodic and catchy and moves into a more intense jam as it progresses. It sounds as if Stephens and del Cid are taking turns trading off licks, and they end the solo with a dual harmony run. “Fatal Attack” features a dual-lead melody that eerily is reminiscent of Iron Maiden. Again, the tempos haven’t let up. “Blood Red Sky” wraps things up handedly, with a slightly slower song, although not that much slower. Like all the songs, it is melodic, metallic and features all the elements that die-hard NWOBHM fans will love. The production is over the top in its slickness, and it sounds crisp. Overall, Monument makes a bold statement as it enters the ring as a Metal contender. Monument definitely is worth all metal fans checking out.

Genre: New Wave of British Heavy Metal or New Wave of Traditional British Metal

Monument are:
Peter Ellis – Vocals
Lewis Stephens – Lead Guitar
David del Cid – Lead Guitar
Jim Ramses – Bass guitar
Matt C – Drums

Track Listing:
1. Rock the Night
2. Carry On
3. Midnight Queen
4. Fatal Attack
5. Blood Red Sky

Label: Independent



Hardrock Haven: 8.9/10