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HELREIDH are very proud to announce three very special guests featured on their album “Fragmenta”, which will be released by Pure Prog Records on November 9, 20

The tracks “Exile” and “Orfeo’s Lament” have been co-written by Yorick and Shadow Gallery’s Guitarist and Keyboard player Gary Wehrkamp. Gary also plays guitar and keyboard solos in Exile. Alex De Rosso, the Italian virtuoso rock guitarist, also former Dokken guitarist, produced and mixed the album together with the band. Last but not least, Marco Concoreggi (aka Mark Dexter), founder and singer of Dexter Ward (and previously in Battleroar), is the author of the lyrics of four tracks and sings in the acoustic/medieval track “Shades of My Untimely Autumn”.

“The experience in the USA with Gary was one of the most exciting and stimulating in my life”, says Yorick “writing music with one of my heroes has been unique, and has taught me so much, that I have to be thankful forever to Gary. That’s why Fragmenta is so important to me, is the recollection of those moments, it’s the starting point of a new life of the band, but also the point where all the pieces come together.
Working with Alex, my very first guitar teacher has been amazing… and has created a very important bond between us. Mark… well Mark is always been part of the band since 2003, and always will be. He perfectly has embodied the spirit of Orfeo, when we were working on it… we hope to have him often as guest in some of our future concerts.”

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