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Stonebreed | Stonebreed

by Craig Newman
– Columnist —

STONEBREEDDEEP FROM THE SOUTH ARRIVES A NEW BREED OF ROCK FROM STONEBREED. Their debut album has been released for the world of rock n’ roll to hear and delivers a unique blend of Hard Rock with a Southern taste.

Los Angeles rock group STONEBREED was formed during 2009. The played live shows over Southern California opening for various rock and metal groups including; Cinderella, MSG, Y&T, LA Guns. While also performing other shows and events they built up a following. So much so that venues have called them to perform.

The questions that gets asked often to the band is when you going release your album? Now is the release their debut album on Lone Star Records is 11 songs that rock and was produced by Andrew Haller and STONEBREED.

The band is: Carlos Cruz- vocals, Dave Eggers-guitar, Steve Sampson- guitar, Don Boads- Bass and Chris Torrey- drums.

Their sound is rock with touch of a blues sound with pounding bass, solid drumming and dueling guitar riffs. The opening song, “Back Home,” lyrically is what we say when we have been away too long and how it feels good to be back home after paying our debt to society by working. Their songs are about life and relationships from experiences we all go through. The songs are: “Last Dollar,” “Roses on My Grave,” “Judgment Day,” “I’m Gone,” “Whiskey Well,” “Except Me” and ”Break.” If a first single is to be released from the album then it should be “Miss Me.”

The band give all the energy they have for their shows and fans. For those who have not seen them Carlos interacts well the fans and connects with them with his trademark hat. Steve, Don Chris and Dave are animated on stage. They complement other bands they open for and for their headline shows. The songs will get you moving from start to finish. They are self-managed and hope a record labels signs them after seeing them perform, enabling them to travel to across the US and to other countries. Now you can hear them and will not be disappointed with their debut album.

Genre: Southern Hard Rock

Carlos Cruz – Vocals
Boads – Bass
Chris Torrey – Drums
Dave Eggers – Guitars
Steve Sampson – Guitars

Track Listing:
Last Dollar
Roses on My Grave
Judgment Day
I’m Gone
Whiskey Well
Except Me

Label: Lone Star Records

Web: www.stonebreed.com

Hardrock Haven rating: 9/10