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Torpedohead | Greetings From Heartbreak Key

by John Kindred
– Publisher —

Torpedohead - Greetings From Heartbreak KeyTorpedohead is a three-piece melodic-punk-rock outfit that hails from Hessen, Germany. The band features vocalist and guitarist Sven Spacebrain, bassist Hardy Wildheart and drummer Zasch Zasch. Touring throughout Germany and Europe for the last few years, the band has eked out an existence opening for major label acts. Torpedohead released their its studio album in 2010, Lovesick Avenue, and followed that up with the five-song EP, Let’s Go For A Ride, with producer Siggi Bemm (Kreator, Lacuna Coil).

The band’s second full-length CD, Greetings From Heartbreak Key, was released in the Fall of 2012. The album was recorded at the famous Woodhouse Studios in Germany, again, with Siggi Bemm at the helm. Featuring 12 songs that are mired in the pop-punk-melodic-rock genres, the band is influenced from ‘70s hard rock, ‘80s sleaze rock and melodic hard rock movements. The music is has a strong punk edge to it, but it also leans on the blues and traditional rock ‘n’ roll. The melodies are found in the vocals. Sven and Hardy, both, bring the large ‘80s arena-style choruses to life over grinding, distorted power chords.

Greetings From Heartbreak Key delivers energized anthems that aren’t overly complicated. In fact, Greetings From Heartbreak Key is a sing-a-long party rock album. Plenty of infectious vocal melodies and grooves will catch your ear. There is no reinvention of the wheel happening, but the band’s own interpretation of its brand of music is built on a solid foundation. Torpedohead combines different genres rather flawlessly. The band’s modern take on pop-punk-rock ‘n’ roll is infectious.

Throughout Greetings From Heartbreak Key, the energy level is pushed to 11. With the opening song “Gasoline,” the band adds fuel to its fire. While most of the songs are ripping-roaring affairs, Torpedohead shows restraint on “Red City Lights,” which is reminiscent of blues-rock songs done by the band Rock City Angels. Torpedohead stays away from sappy ballads, opting instead to keep the energy level at a maximum. Overall, the album kicks you in the ass keeping the pedal hammered own on the floor.

Sven – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Hardy – Bass, Backing Vocals
Zasch – Drums

Track Listing:
01. Gasoline
02. Bleed On Me
03. Love Is A Dog
04. Rock N’ Roll Satellite
05. Heartbreak Key
06. Moonshine Highway
07. Burning Bridges
08. Brave New World
09. Red City Lights
10. Black Rain
11. Lovewreck
12. Rotten Radio

Label: Woodhouse Records


Hardrock Haven rating: 8/10