Hot off the Press

Brian Tichy of Something Unto Nothing (S.U.N.)

by Deb Rao
– Senior Columnist —

Hardrock Haven is always looking to find the next cutting edge band ready to set the music industry on fire. New Super-group Something Unto Nothing or S.U.N featuring Sass Jordan on vocals, former Whitesnake drummer Brian Tichy on guitar, bassist Michael Devin, and drummer Tommy Stewart is ready to take on the challenge.

S.U.N. is gearing up for a February 12th release of their self-titled album on Robo Records with distribution on Fontana/Universal. What makes this band unique is that it thrives on the heavy guitar solos reminiscent of early Led Zeppelin and infuses a ’70s hard rock sound combined with the bluesy vocals of Sass Jordan. S.U.N will be appearing at Vampd in Las Vegas on February 9th. Check out our exclusive interview with guitarist Brian Tichy of S.U.N.

Brian TichyHRH: Brian, welcome to Hardrock Haven. How did S.U.N. come to fruition?

Brian: We had a song called “Sun.” Made the lyrics about everything under the sun. So we said let’s call it S.U.N. Then we said lets make it an acronym Something Unto Nothing. Why don’t we call the band that? That is why we are what we are.

HRH: I love the name it is cool. How did everyone meet?

Brian: I played drums on a record of Sass in 1993. I did a little Canadian tour with her in the summer of 1993. Then I went to join a band with Zakk Wylde with his own band Pride and Glory. She continued to do records and touring. We got in touch through Myspace a few years ago we connected. It was simply if you are ever back in LA where I live let’s get together and play a song. A year or two later she was here, so we said let’s hook up and write. The first writing session came “Burned” and “Wide Ocean.” Towards the end of the year, she came back out. We had a few more song ideas. Beginning of 2011 we just wrote a ton more. Before I went out on the road with Whitesnake. At some point right before the Whitesnake tour we realized we had the right sound we want to see this through. We have nearly a full record of music. This past year it was all about getting a deal, doing some shows together and making it a reality.

HRH: The new CD comes out on February 12th on Robo Records. Tell us about the writing process for this.

Brian: We got together at my house, which is in Canyon Country. Right behind my house there is mountains and canyons, taking a walk one day I noticed a run down shack. We went up there and removed ourselves from all the normal things that happen in a day living in a normal house or studio. We took a guitar and recorder and recorded a bunch of songs and hung out there. Out of that came a lot of interesting ideas. Most of them became songs for the record.

HRH: Awesome it sounds great. Now you are playing guitar in the band. I have always known you as a drummer. I was really impressed with your sound. What kind of sound were you striving for in the studio?

Brian: Just loud, gypsy rock. It all comes from a seventies influence. I think the best music came out of the ’70s. That particular decade represented people taking those chances with the most amount of freedom. The late ’60s opened up the gates for that whole Woodstock era. Guitar wise I first and for most love riffs. From the first time my buddy showed my “Smoke On The Water” and “Back In Black.” I want to be a riff maestro.

HRH: Were you influenced by Led Zeppelin a lot? I have seen you play with the Led Zep Tribute band.

Brian: They are my first and foremost inspiration. They have been since I have been 10 years old. They are the one band that I have simply not stopped listening to. I never stop listening to Zeppelin.

HRH: The new video is out “I”m The One.” Tell us about this.

Brian: We did a record release party. A buddy of ours got a few cameras together and filmed the show. The first thing we did was take some of the footage from that. It is a live video. I think he tried to have it the look of a ’70’s video.

HRH: You and Sass are such established musicians. As a new band what do you hope to accomplish?

Brian: I would say global domination. Would be our first priority. I want to headline arenas. I want to wake up without any money worries so I can concentrate on just being creative in this band. That would be pretty amazing.

HRH That would be awesome. You have a great sound. I heard that you attended Berklee School of Music. What was it like going to Berklee?

Brian: Right out of High School I went there for three non -stop years. Took a year off and did some club gigs. Then I finished up the following year. It was amazing. I met some of my best friends there. I took it all in everyday I was there. I saw how much I could do there. The amount of freedom you have, as a being a college student is amazing. The teachers are amazing musicians. The kids are amazing musicians. It is all about how much you want to take advantage at a place like that. Fore me it was a place to go mental and learn and get better. Every couple of months you could honestly feel your level of musicianship getting better.

HRH: Brian, thanks so much for checking in. We will be out to review your show at Vampd.