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LIVE! | Overkill

by Deb Rao
– Senior Columnist —

February 3, 2013 at Las Vegas Country Saloon in Las Vegas, NV

OverkillThrash metal’s finest, Overkill, is currently embarking on the Dark Roots of Thrash Tour with Testament. Las Vegas was fortunate to have a one off day with Overkill appearing at the Las Vegas Country Saloon upstairs at the Brass Lounge. Without a doubt, Overkill is one of the first bands to emerge on the thrash metal scene and help mold the thrash metal scene today. The Jersey rockers are still going strong after 30 years of longevity with their recent release The Electric Age.

I caught up with my friends in lovely downtown Vegas prior to the concert. Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming exclusive interview with singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. With regards to Bobby’s amazing voice. Bobby comments to HRH,”Someone once said that I stuck a knife through an electrical socket and I screamed in key.”

When I asked Bobby how The Electric Age differs from Ironbound he comments, “Our philosophies are truly based on if it not broken doesn’t try to fix it. It is really about being comfortable. One of the things that I noticed in the Ironbound record was that we broke up pieces of the Ironbound record. It was the only time since 1984 that we didn’t have a deal inked when we started recording. Now there were people negotiating with us when we were recording but we decided to do the record anyway and see what happens. We didn’t have to deliver or have them hear the record; we inked the deal prior to it being done. But in the meantime, it gave us the luxury of time. What I mean by that was let’s not be in a Overkillhurry with this. We’re doing it in D.D.’s studio so it’s in the family. We weren’t booking one or two months in the studio. What we were doing was putting together the best piece of shit we can. In the interim when we finished drum tracks we would go on the road. We did some festivals, long weekends in the States. Then we are back in the studio. Then we are back out on the road again for the vocals. I really think that one of the elements that worked for us was that the last two records between start to finish there was shows. I’m in Greece one night and three days later I’m back in Jersey cutting vocals. If a person tries to fake energy, you can tell it is fake. If it is the real deal, and you are still hopped up from the plane flight and the last show, it’s the real deal. I think for the last two records this has been the X Factor for us. We didn’t plan it this way it just worked out very well for us.”

Well the real deal is truly what Overkill is in concert. The band hit the stage at midnight for an over the top thrash metal extravaganza. The set combined old and new classics opening with “Come And Get It.” Bobby was in great prime vocal status. The energy of an Overkill show is amazing. The band has a huge cult following that is so dedicated to the band. D.D. Verni was relentless.

OverkillThe Las Vegas Country Saloon is a great open venue with a lot of space to thrash. A true gem in downtown Las Vegas. Other highlights of the set included, ”Bring On The Night”, “Electric Rattlesnake,” and “Elimination.”

What better way to spend Superbowl Sunday than at an Overkill concert? It surely made up on my beloved Patriots not being in the mix. Tonight East Coast met West Coast with Jersey rockers Overkill who started it all showing LV how to rock! Stay tuned for an exclusive Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth interview. Be sure to check out the Dark Roots of Thrash tour with Testament and Overkill coming to a city near you.

Set List:
Come and Get It
Rotten To The Core
Wrecking Crew
Bring Me The Night
Electric Rattlesnake
Hello From The Gutter
Save Yourself
Old School
In Union We Stand