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Manowar | Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition

by Jonathan
– Guest Columnist —

Manowar Warriors Of The World RemasteredWhile still maintaining a legion of fans, few bands stir up as much controversy and debate as Manowar. Much like Manowar, this review is sure to bring forth controversy and debate. So before this review for Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition continues, it’s important to validate the credibility of the writer. This review isn’t written by some egomaniac that’s trying to display writing skills at the expense of a band he or she just discovered, to clarify…

Back in the early 80’s, at a small club in NY. called L’amour The Rock Capital Of Brooklyn, it was myself and a growing number of “Manowarriors” that came together to proudly salute one of the true pioneers of the metal genre, Manowar. They dared to be different, and different they were; but then again so were we. Manowar’s frequent visits to L’amour became legendary. It was there for example, during the Sign Of The Hammer tour that Manowar did a showcase for the representatives of Atlantic records. Together, we the “Manowarriors” helped Manowar reach the next level. Subsequently Fighting The World was released in 1987 on Atco Records which was at the time a division of Atlantic Records, Atco was also the first label with major distribution to sign Manowar. It was another proud victory for both Manowar and their fans. So this review is written by someone who’s been on the front line since the beginning, and remains still to this day. Hail!

Now on with the review for Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition. First the remastering. There are subtle differences that become even more apparent when listened to on an advanced speaker system. The conundrum here is, how does one make better what is already great? The production mix and master on the original Warriors Of The World was already at such a high Manowar standard that there really isn’t much more room for expansion… or so we thought. Because technology evolves and expands each year, Manowar did what surely couldn’t have been easy, they did in fact expand and surpass the original.

Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition, is a CD of diversity and intellect, however, it’s not entirely a metal CD and that’s where the slight discrepancy begins. Now let the record show, were not speaking of fantasy power ballads or atmospheric instrumentals, because both are essential and desired for Manowar’s fantasy storytelling.

From the point of view of a metal fan, it’s somewhat questionable to say the least, to find the Italian opera “Nessun Dorma” and even more peculiar “An American Trilogy” which is a tribute to Elvis. It’s also important to point out that both songs are performed exquisitely, however there’s no relevance; very commendable but both songs tend to fall out of continuity with the track list in its entirety. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, they’re actually quite impressive, just better suited as bonus tracks; like they did on Gods Of War with the placement of “Die For Metal.”

To further illustrate, let’s skip to the final three songs before the bonus track on Warriors Of The World Remastered. “Hand Of Doom,” “House Of Death” and “Fight Until We Die.” Much like a film, these three songs are the climactic ending. In fact when played loud enough for your neighbors to enjoy as well, the climactic ending has the potential to bring out the warrior in us all; careful you might feel the need to break something just because it feels so good. We the fans of Manowar, Slayer, Pantera, etc…, we know precisely what that’s about.

Overall Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition maintains true Manowar tradition and diversity. The first two rallying songs “Call To Arms” and “The Fight For Freedom” both have social relevance with lyrics that are seemingly inspired by the tragedy on 9/11. Case in point, Warriors Of The World was originally released in 2002 which was the first CD Manowar released following the tragedy in NY., Louder Than Hell was released in 1996 prior to.

Also on Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition, you’ll find two atmospheric instrumentals, “Valhalla” and “The March,” a beautiful fantasy power ballad called “Swords In The Wind,” and the ultra-melodic title track “Warriors Of The World United.” Remember the climactic ending you were cautioned about earlier? …Well it just got even better with a live “House Of Death” bonus track.

“Into the house of death, before my last breath, my enemies, all… shall die!”

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal

Band lineup for Warriors Of The World 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition:
Eric Adams – Vocals
Scott Columbus – Drums
Karl Logan – Guitars
Joey DeMaio – Bass

Track List:
1. Call to Arms
2. The Fight for Freedom
3. Nessun Dorma
4. Valhalla
5. Swords in the Wind
6. An American Trilogy
7. The March
8. Warriors of the World United
9. Hand of Doom
10. House of Death
11. Fight Until We Die

Band lineup on live bonus track:
Eric Adams – Vocals
Donnie Hamzik – Drums
Karl Logan – Guitars
Joey DeMaio – Bass

12. House Of Death – Recorded live at O2 Academy in Birmingham, England, 03/27/2011

Label: Magic Circle Entertainment


Hardrock Haven rating: 8/10


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  1. Whats with ‘I believe’ and ‘Dawn Of Battle’? I think they should be on the album too!

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