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Karpe, Matt

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Matt Karpe

Matt Karpe

I live in the UK only 30 minutes from Cambridge and its world famous university.

I work as a security officer by day and a music writer by night.

I was introduced to the amazing world of rock ‘n’ roll as the nu-metal explosion began, with Limp Bizkit, Korn and Papa Roach bringing me to the dark side. Since then I have revisited all that came before it, idolizing Motley Crue, Kiss, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to name just a few.

My CD and vinyl collection ranges from over fifty decades of rock, glam, nu-metal and metal-core and it is continually expanding.

I have been to nearly 200 gigs so far, seeing most of my favourite bands whether it be in sold out arenas, sleazy clubs or open air festivals.

My path into music journalism has only had lift off in 2013, writing for various online music magazines, and hopefully it is only just the beginning!