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Noctum | Final Sacrifice

by Jonna Ambur
– Senior Photojournalist —

Noctum Final SacrificeDescribed as a “fictional horror story where each song communicates a portion of the overall narrative,” Noctum’s Final Sacrifice, offers clear, solid vocals, rippin’ guitar solos and creative riffs supported by a rhythm section that holds each song together to make a classic metal sound.

The music is reminiscent of old-school Black Sabbath from back in the Ozzy days with a touch of Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. David Indelöf (vocals/guitar) belts out some serious screams and well-placed vibrato while maintaining a great tone. Collectively with Daniel Johansson (guitar), Tobias Rosén (bass) and Fredrick Jansson, Noctum pulls together musical masterpieces that show off their evident musical talents and lyrical creativity.

Final Sacrifice isn’t full of crazy effects and noise; its classic metal at its finest pulled together into an amazing concept album.

From Sweden, Noctum, is set to release Final Sacrifice on October 29, 2013 and is ready for pre-order today.

Genre: Doom, Heavy Metal

Noctum is:
David Indelöf – Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Johansson – Guitar
Tobias Rosén – Bass
Fredrik Jansson – Drums

Track List:
1. Conflagration
2. Liberty in Death
3. Resurrected in Evil
4. Deadly Connection
5. Void of Emptiness
6. The Revisit
7. A Burning Will
8. Temple of the Living Dead
9. Azoth

Label: Metal Blade Records



Hardrock Haven rating: 8/10


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  1. Brett Rowan // February 14, 2014 at 10:31 pm //

    Great album. My fav of 2013. I got the vinyl. \m/

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