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McIntire, Kent

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Kent McIntire

Kent McIntire

I am photographer based the Metro Detroit area. At the age of 18 I became a mobile DJ where my passion for music became apparent. While in college and many years after, I was an on-air personality at the FM rock station in Sioux Falls, SD playing new and classic rock and remains my favorite genre.

My iPod is a potpourri of music ranging from Hendrix to Led Zeppelin, Megadeath, Five Finger Death Punch and everything in between.

I have always had a love for photography and started my own photography business: Kent McIntire Photography. Living in MOTOWN it only makes sense that I merge my two passions; music and photography thereby building and expanding my portfolio while trying to get my name out there. At the same time, share my love of music and the artists with others.

My style and approach is simple and true. I look for those unscripted moments and capture them. One of my greatest abilities is to make people feel relaxed. I can be in a room and people forget I have a camera. The tag line of my business is “Your Moments Captured.”

I am married and have 3 amazing kids ranging in age from 4 to 12.