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LIVE! | Kamelot at jeugdcentrum Rondpunt 26

by Christophe Pauly
– Photojournalist —

November 13, 2013 at jeugdcentrum Rondpunt 26 in Genk, Belgium

Kamelot Live 2013 Europe

Silverthorn Over Europe tour with Kamelot 2013

Kamelot, one of the most influential, exciting and innovative Metal acts in recent history, returns to Europe in support of last years release of the album Silverthorn. Silverthorn, is the followup to Poetry for the Poisoned, which was released on September 10th, 2010, by earMusic/KMG Recordings.

Thomas Youngblood: guitars, backing vocals
Sean Tibbetts: bass
Casey Grillo: drums
Oliver Palotai: keyboards
Tommy Karevik: lead vocals

Elize Ryd: guest-vocalist
Alissa White-Gluz: guest-vocalist

Set List:
1. Torn
2. Ghost Opera
3. The Great Pandemonium
4. Necropolis
5. Center of the Universe
6. Soul Society
7. Song for Jolee
8. Rule the World
9. When the Lights are Down
10. Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
11. My Confession
12. Forever
13. Karma
14. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)
15. March of Mephisto

LIVE! | Kamelot at jeugdcentrum Rondpunt 26 Concert Photo Gallery