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LIVE! | Faster Pussycat

by Deb Rao
– Senior Columnist —

November 30, 2013 at Vampd in Las Vegas, NV. —

Faster PussycatWhat better way to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend than enjoying some Glam Rock with Faster Pussycat at Vampd? Faster Pussycat brought their sleaze Glam Rock in true metal style kicking off the 90-minute set a little after midnight with “Cathouse.” Taime Downe dressed in his black leather pants and leather cap puffed on his cigarette, as the band unleashed their pure raw punk sound. Taime commented that the band has been coming to Vegas since 1986. One thing was for sure; Faster Pussycat turned back the clock and turned the Vegas hotspot into the Glam Rock scene of Hollywood via 1986 for the entire set.

The music of Faster Pussycat has a definite Ramones meets New York Dolls meets LA Guns vibe with huge punk rock influences. Guitarist Ace Von Johnson turned up the volume with his sledgehammer guitar riffs. Taime Downe spit out the hardcore lyrics to “Sex Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.” The most heartfelt and only toned down moment occurred when Taime sat down on the amp in front of the audience and sang for “House Of Pain.” Taime took a moment to say be nice to all your friends and family because when they are gone you never see them again. It was a pretty intense moment as fans sang along to the chorus. It was also great hearing ‘80s anthem “Bathroom Wall.” That song is so catchy.

Bassist Danny Nordahl sang on the song “Pretty Fucked Up.” Faster Pussycat ended the show with “Shut Up And Fuck.”

Set List:
Cat House
Slip Of The Tongue
Number 1 With A Bullet
Sex Drugs And Rock ‘n’ Roll
Pretty Ugly
House Of Pain
Poison Ivy
Pretty Fucked Up
Shut Up And Fuck