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Peter Comerford of Cage the Gods

by Matt Karpe
– Senior Columnist —

Cage the Gods came to the fore at the end of 2013 with their debut EP Favourite Sin. There was a great blend of hard rock which was in places sleazy and raucous and then in other parts more radio friendly and stripped down.

Favourite Sin was a promising start for the Brit quartet, and with 2014 promising to be an even bigger year, Hardrock Haven caught up with Peter Comerford for a quick chat about the EP and what is still to come from Cage the Gods.


HRH: First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk to Hardrock Haven, how are you doing today?

Peter Comerford: No problem, we’re feeling good! It’s Christmas.

HRH: Let’s talk about your début EP that’s recently been released. Favourite Sin shows what Cage The Gods are all about. How happy are you with the final product?

Peter Comerford: Well for one it doesn’t quite show what we’re all about ‘cause there’s much more to come. But yeah we’re delighted with it and with the response it’s had so far… now we just can’t wait to get our début album out and get on the road!

HRH: I like the diversity in the tracks; from the fast and furious to the more mellow and laid back. Was it important to show listeners that there’s more in your arsenal that just raucous hard rock?

Peter Comerford: Yeah of course, but it wasn’t a conscious decision. We all agreed that the title track “Favourite Sin” should be the first release because it was the first track we ever finished together as a band. We then wrote “From The Start” and “Wake Up” specifically for the EP because we had a few ideas we wanted to finish and it was good to work to a deadline! “Sacrifice” (acoustic) was something we put together later but real quick cos we love playing that track.

HRH: Obviously touring is vital for up and coming bands to get their music heard, but to support The Answer must have been a big breakthrough. What was it like sharing the stage with those guys, and how did the fans who may have not heard of you before take to you?

Peter Comerford: Touring with The Answer was great good fun. Those guys know exactly how to work a stage and a crowd so we picked up a few tips! We seemed to go down well with their fans too! We’re relatively new to the touring scene so it was a great experience for all of us.

HRH: You’re playing your own shows in December and then throughout February next year, will there be new material on the set list for fans to hear?

Peter Comerford: Yeah, there are quite a few songs floating about. We’ll be playing an hour set at these upcoming December shows, which is a first for us, so we’ll get the chance to showcase a lot more from the upcoming album! On the next tour the plan is to play a few more of the tracks we didn’t get around to on the last tour.

HRH: On your Facebook page you mention a full début album to come out in 2014, is the record nearly ready to drop?

Peter Comerford: Yep, the record is done apart from a few little bits to do with artwork, and then it will be ready to go! Save some of your Christmas money for early March! It will be 11+ tracks of unabridged rock and roll.

HRH: So along with a new album, what else does 2014 hold in store for Cage The Gods?

Peter Comerford: Well we’re out touring the UK in February and then we’re hoping to get over to Europe, right into March. It’s not been confirmed yet but we’ve been invited to play at South By South West in the States in March, which we’re more than excited about, so that could be amazing. And with that it would be nice to get a tour of the US arranged to coincide but it’s all up in the air at the moment. It’s looking to be an exciting year for us. J

HRH: Finally, why should people check out Cage The Gods?

Peter Comerford: ‘Cause we write good tunes and perform the shit out of them! How? Well… we just know what we like, and we’ve got 40+ years of great rock and roll to draw inspiration from. It’s that simple.

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