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EDGUY – Watch The Brand New Music Video for ‘Love Tyger’

EDGUY  Space Police Defenders Of The CrownOn April 29, 2014, the new EDGUY album SPACE POLICE – Defenders Of The Crown will be released. The press has already praised the album as one of the best, most traditional and heaviest albums the band has ever recorded, getting top scores in all the relevant metal magazines.

Now, the video clip for the single ‘Love Tyger’ can be watched below; as the band puts it their “most different video clip we actually never shot!”

‘Love Tyger’ is available as download single in all digital online music stores such as Amazon, iTunes etc. NOW!

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EDGUY will perform ‘Love Tyger’ during the walk-in of world champion Arthur Abraham who’s gonna be having a boxing fight with Nikola Sjekloca at the Velodrom in Berlin on May 3rd. Match and performance will be broadcast live on German television, on the national channel ARD.

Enjoy some sound snippets of new songs here:
‘Space Police’:
‘Defenders Of The Crown’:
‘The Eternal Wayfarer’:

‘Sabre & Torch’ (Lyric Video):
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