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Neuronspoiler | Emergence

by John Kindred
– Publisher —

Neuronspoiler EmergenceThe U.K. seems to have harnessed the power of resurrection as traditional heavy metal has become a dominant force and created the rejuvenated acronym NWOTHM which follows in the footsteps of ‘80s NWOBHM bands. It should come as no surprise that the latest band to emerge from England also harnesses the resurgent power of heavy metal.

Neuronspoiler may call England home but the band features musicians who have a multi-national background. Their first full length studio album Emergence follows up their 2010 EP release No One Is Safe. The new album was produced by Guillermo “Will” Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, Panic Cell, Adrian Smith). Emergence contains 10-metal tracks that harnesses Nueronspoiler’s passion to deliver, “… enjoyable, breathtaking heavy metal.”

The music created by Neuronspoiler is driven by the injected power of hard rock, heavy metal and thrash. As with the music of their idols, which are bands of the NWOBHM genre, Neuronspoiler create songs that are heavy, up-tempo and melodic. Plenty of energy is infused in the musical arrangements that encapsulate Emergence.

JR’s clean vocal approach is reminiscent of Ted Pilot from the late ‘80s metal band Fifth Angel. The dual axe attack David del Cid and Dave Shirman provide the songs with plenty of metallic crunch, shredding riffs and blistering solos. Bassist Erick Tekilla and drummer Tim Barclay hold down the onslaught providing the rhythmic pulse for each song. The mix on the CD allows for all the instruments to be heard and the production work of producer Guillermo “Will” Maya showcases the bands musical expertise.

Emergence features a balanced mix of songs, leading the charge with the instrumental interlude “Digital Resistance” which segues into “Through Hell We March.” The band is quick to engage listeners as JR belts out the vocals over the stylish romp. “Take The Stage” is the bands second official single release. A year after the album’s release arrives the video for this energetic and driving composition. “Irreverent” maintains the momentum as the onslaught of guitars and vocals carries the song. “Invincible Man” opens with drum and bass groove, here the guitars are laid back as the vocal directs the band to the chorus, which brings all the instruments into a powerful crescendo. “Act of Defiance” is the only instrumental track on the CD, by now the guitarists have more than demonstrated their skills … here the duo embellish on their prowess within the confines of a minute and eighteen seconds.

By the time we get to “Exempt from Privilege,” we find the band still running on all cylinders. The song intense riff is reminiscent of Deep Purples “Knocking at Your Back Door,” only it’s definitely cranked up on steroids. Lots of bass, lead guitar runs and solos keep the intensity maxed out. “Dying Worlds” is the first song to pull away from the metallic onslaught. Opening with an acoustic guitar, the tempo is still moderately fast … JR vocally has a Lillian Axe harmony-thing happening and the song is almost Flotsam and Jetsam-esque. The arrangements and instrumentation are very powerful and well-orchestrated. “(Just a Fool) on Your Way Up” hammers out a fast riff returning back to the bands signature motifs. The closer “Never Back Down” ices the cake with a ripping sonic explosion of metal.

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

JR – Vocals
David del Cid – Guitar
Dave Shirman – Guitar
Erick Tekilla – Bass
Tim Barclay – Drums

Track Listing:
1. Digital Resistance
2. Through Hell We March
3. Take the Stage
4. Irreverent
5. Invincible Man
6. Act of Defiance
7. Exempt from Privilege
8. Dying Worlds
9. (Just a Fool) on Your Way Up
10. Never Back Down

Label: Independent


Hardrock Haven rating: 9/10