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Christophe Godin’s genre-bending band Morglbl hits the road this month


Christophe Godin’s genre-bending band Morglbl hits the road this month for a 12-date European tour. A phenomenal riff-master and a shredder par excellence, Godin stretches metal between extreme polarities, infusing it with influences from jazz to pop. Virtuosity has never sounded so fun as in the hands of this French trio, who have managed to stay steadily unpredictable throughout their 3- decade career. On the band’s latest album “Brütal Römance” European self-irony and American-bred heavy metal bluster clash head-on with sparks flying and mind-bending solos shooting into stratosphere. But it’s not every day that you get to watch first-class virtuosos perform at an intimate venue where the show becomes not only a shred masterclass, but a lesson in culture-bending audacity. Some call this band the musical equivalent of Dada crossed with comic book art, but when this outfit hits the stage, all you want to do is rock out, not think of comparisons.

Mörglbl European Spring Tour :
14 et 15 mai, le MAI à Nancy (F/54)
16 mai, le Caf’Conc’ à Bartenheim (F/68)
17 mai, le Café de la Plage à Maurepas (F/78)
22 mai, le Vox à Toulon (F/83)
May 31, die Manufaktur in Schorndorf (Ger/73)
June 2, the Dukes, Whistable, Canterbury (UK)
June 3, The Good Ship, London (UK)
June 4, Komedia in Brighton (UK)
June 5, the Voodoo Room in Edinburgh (UK)
20 juin, le Triton à Paris/les Lilas (F/75)

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