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Norway’s Valerie set to release “Dangerous” EP


Red  TapeOn June 16, Valerie are releasing their brand new EP “Dangerous”, which will be available for purchase through,, iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby among others.

The EP, which is limited to 500 copies only, consists of the AOR-driven single Night After Night along unreleased Hearts On the Line and the title track Dangerous. Two tracks that will not be featured on Valerie’s upcoming second album, which is set to be released later this year.

“Dangerous” offers punch, big hair, melody and hard rocking guitars that may just be the coolest thing coming out of Norway this year. And according to Mosvhille Times “Valerie are doing a damn good job in making sure this genre lives on!”

Valerie formed in Arendal, a small town in southern Norway, in 2011. Known for their big sing-along choruses, old-skool vibe and hooks, Valerie are often compared to infamous 80s rock bands like Ratt and Dokken, or even Danger Danger. Their fist album was released in June 2012 though Hellish Records, and according to Hard Rock Haven’s Mark Allen ” [Valerie] sounds like hair metal, looks like hair metal, and is possessed by the same pop-metal spirit that defined the burgeoning Sunset Strip scene back in the ‘80s.”

The first single Night After Night can be heard here:

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