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Lindsay Hearts Rock ‘n’ Roll Fashion Designer

by Anabel Dflux
– Senior Photojournalist —

Lindsay HeartsSenior photojournalist Anabel DFlux met up with fashion designer Lindsay Hearts at her studio, adorned with edgy decor and pieces from the new collection on display. The two chatted about the various musicians that have commissioned clothing from this talented designer, her inspirations and motivations, and what fan can expect from this cool line.

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Lindsay Hearts is a long time lover of unique personal style, aesthetics, and Rock and Roll.

Originally from Upstate New York, she began sewing at 13 combining her passions, and resulting in distinctive, edgy, custom clothing.

After many years of one off pieces, Etsy sales, photo shoots, and runway collections, including New York Fashion Week; she decided to move to Los Angeles to propel her dreams even further. While in a constant state of design, Lindsay Hearts has lent her signature looks to musicians, celebrities, movies, music videos, magazines and more…

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