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Feed Her To The Sharks | Fortitude

by Matt Karpe
– Senior Columnist —

Feed-Her-tot-he-Sharks-FortitudeMetal-core can be a genre that you simply love or you simply hate, and it can be a stagnant rut that is begging for a band to come along and breathe new life into it.

Step forward, Feed Her To The Sharks.

The Melbourne bruiser’s third studio album is a bold and brutal statement, and a record that should propel them to international success. After signing with the mighty Victory Records last year, FHTTS have repaid the faith in which Victory have shown in them with eleven melodic metalcore masterpieces.

Fusing crunching riffs with bone crushing rhythms, refined elements of electronica and deliciously melodic hooks- this Aussie quintet have proved they are the real deal.

In truth, the formula isn’t much different from sophomore release Savage Seas, but with a more polished production from Fredrik Nordstrom, Fortitude surpasses what came before.

“The World Is Yours” opens with the devilish vocals of Andrew Vanderzalm, over the top of some technically brutal guitar riffs from the skill-set of Marinos Katsanevas and Kim Choo. Rob Davies’ excellent bass work helps to create a sonic backdrop and Andrew Cotterell’s drumming is right on the money. The heaviness combined with soaring melodies on “The World Is Yours” is classic FHTTS.

“Chasing Glory” treads similar waters, with some effective synth from Choo added to some pop hooks on another strong chorus.
“Burn The Traitor” verges on Death-core, with Vanderzalm at his snarling and visceral best. This dark and demonic number relies more on savagery than melody.

The sensational “Heart Of Stone” stands out with majestic guitar work from Katsanevas especially. Heavy and punishing, with some gloriously melodic moments, this song is epic in every form of the word. If ever you wanted to hear a definitive melodic Metal-core song, then this is it.

“Walking On Glass” is earth shattering, and some interesting Slayer-esque solos are an added treat. “Badass” is, well, badass. Some more scintillating solos power over a trance sample, and the passion flows, as it does on every song FHTTS write.

“Let Go” is the perfect album closer; a Metal-core ballad full of delicate melody. Vanderzalm delivers his customary devastating vocal display, but he does it with such emotion that you can’t help but gasp for breath such is the awesomeness of the music you are hearing.

Savage Seas featured the fan favorite “Memory Of You”, which some people may have thought could never be bettered, but there are five or six songs on Fortitude at least, that have smashed it right out of the water.

Fortitude isn’t just the best Metal-core record of 2015, it is one of the best Metal-core albums that has ever been released. Absolutely stunning.

Genre: Melodic Metal-core

Andrew Vanderzalm- Vocals
Marinos Katsanevas- Lead Guitar
Kim Choo- Guitar/Synth/FX
Rob Davies- Bass/Backing Vocals
Andrew Cotterell- Drums

Track Listing:
1. The World Is Yours
2. Chasing Glory
3. Burn The Traitor
4. Shadow Of Myself
5. Terrorist
6. Heart Of Stone
7. Walking On Glass
8. Fear Of Failure
9. Faithless
10. Badass
11. Let Go

Record Label: Victory Records


Hardrock Haven Rating: 9.5/10