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LIVE! | There Is No Us

by Anabel DFlux
– Senior Photojournalist —

July 13, 2015 at Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, NV. —

There Is No Us 2015 AD 05

Las Vegas, Nevada held host to the debut concert for There Is No Us, a Metal band featuring Andy Gerold (known for his role in Marilyn Manson), Jim Louvau (of the band The Attitude, and host of The Louvau Show), and the lovely Amy Abramite. There Is No Us opened for Letlive, a great combination, drawing plenty of Metal heads to the show. The band’s lyrics revolve around spreading awareness to a variety of issues that plague the world today. The concepts are very straight forward and apparent, portrayed through energetic, loud, and powerful music. A “social movement to expose the failure of the human race.”

Being a band new act, with only two released songs prior to the concert, no one truly knew what to expect. This includes the band, as they set themselves up for some unique circumstances previous to hitting the stage at Vinyl at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. What did they do, you might ask? Well, There Is No Us stayed true to the band name in a literal sense… they all live in separate states! This metal extravaganza rocked the stage without all being in the same room together.

That seems like a recipe for disaster… but There Is No Us certainly disproved that. These bandmates are no strangers to the stage, and their exceptional skill showed. The live show ran through five songs, each as spectacular as the last. The front man often stepped right down into the barricade, great crowd interaction. The audience found themselves very engaged in the performance, a phenomenal response, especially for a first show! The finale song on the list truly got the crowd up in the air, a great way to rile the kids up for the rest of the concert.

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