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Sinister Guitar Picks: Edging Out the Competition

by John Kindred
– Publisher —


Sinister Guitar Picks made its product line debut at the 2015 Winter NAMM convention. At the trade show, Sinister Guitar Picks showcased its latest product line of metal-edged guitar plectrums. The company continues to make strides, creatively delivering guitarists and bassists a unique pick that offers a whole world of tonal possibilities when striking pick to string.

Sinister Guitars Picks brands its product line as a “patent-pending metal edge plectrums (that) produces superior tone, killer attack and amazing harmonics.” It is hard to argue the verbiage.

SGP’s most recent product line is the “Black Out” series guitar pick.

Sinister-Guitar-Picks-Black-Out-Series-Guitar-Picks-8The “Black Out” series is Sinister Guitar Picks first line of non-metal guitar picks. Made from derlin, an engineering thermoplastic called polyoxymethylene (POM) (aka – acetal, polyacetal and polyformaldehyde). The material primarily is used in precision parts that require high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability.

The “Black Series” only is offered in the color black, hence the name, and is offered in two styles:

The standard SGP-51, which is available in the following gauges:
.60mm, .73mm, .88mm, 1.00mm, 1.14mm, and 2.00mm

The SGP Jaxx-X style only is available 1.10mm gauge.

Featuring the SGP “13” logo, the “Black Out” series allows for guitarists to “get a grip” on their tone, while the pick offers long-term durability.

Sold as “The Devil’s Dozen,” which comprises a bundle of 13 picks, not 12, you can pick up a bundle for $7.69 plus shipping (no shipping charges for USA customers) at the SGP website.

Buy SGP “Black Out” guitar picks online:

When it comes to the metal-edged picks, SGP offers several designs. Categorized as the “Blade Series,” these picks offer a beveled metal edge to allow for speedy and alternating picking, while the pick material allows it to glide across the strings, with no drag or resistance.

Jazz Spit-fireThe “Jazz Spit-Fire 1.0” is designed for precise speed picking. The design features a beveled edge that is honed down to a pointed tip. Offered in red and black, the picks feature a raised Iron Cross, which looks stylish and helps maintain your grip on the pick.

The “Jazz Spit-Fire 1.0” is offered in the following gauge: SGP-30 (.75mm) Medium – Heavy.

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BlueDevilThe “Blue Devil” is a twin Edge-Pro metal guitar pick that offers a beveled metal edge. The beveled edge was designed to eliminate snag on the guitar string, allowing for a smoother response from pick to string.

The “Blue Devil” only is offered in the following gauge: SGP-30 (.75mm) Medium – Heavy.

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MetalDevilThe “Metal Devil” is the thickest metal pick, offered at SGP, 1.58mm. The pick features the signature metal beveled edge, a larger surface area and five slots to allow for a no-slip grip.

The “Metal Devil” only is offered in the following gauges:
GP-30 (.75mm), SGP-39 (1.0mm), and SGP-62 (1.58mm)

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“The Beast,” specifically designed for bass players, features a non-metal beveled edge, five slots to allow for a no-slip grip, and it is not recommended for use on the guitar.

“The Beast” is only offered in the following gauges:
GP-30 (.75mm), SGP-39 (1.0mm), and SGP-62 (1.58mm)

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