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LIVE! | Echo Black

by Anabel DFlux
– Sr. Photojournalist —

November 11, 2015 at Whisky a Go Go in Las Angeles, CA. —

Echo Black 20

Hailing from New York, Echo Black found their way to Los Angeles supporting The Birthday Massacre and Combichrist. Technically formed in 2015, Echo Black is founded by front man Danny Blu, and features the incredible talents of Felix Skiver, Rob Gnarly, and Billy Long. The music encompasses a variety of inspirations from various genres, with each member bringing their own unique twist to the melodies. With the debut of their song “Burn Another Day,” featuring Davey Suicide, many in the audience were well aware of who these distinctive lads are.

Playing to a sold out Whisky a Go Go, the quartet absolutely accomplished their primary goal of “making evocative and visceral music you can feel in your bones”. Each and every song was performed with excitement and fervor, and the crowd responded accordingly. The set list opened with their debut song, and was followed by various, fun riffs that truly lit up the night. The members of Echo Black were happy to stick around after their performance, and meet the fans.

Vocals – Danny Blu
Guitar – Felix Skiver
Bass – Rob Gnarly
Drums – Billy Long

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