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LIVE! | Pig with Julien-K

by Tamara Igleheart
– Photojournalist —

July 14, 2017 at Union Nightclub in Los Angeles, CA. —

On July 14, 2017, Pig’s Prey and Obey tour stormed the walls of Union Nightclub in Los Angeles, Calif. Raymond Watts’ Industrial Rock band is currently touring in support of their new EP, Prey and Obey. Their direct touring support comes from Electronic rockers Julien-K. Although at first glance these acts seem to be at opposite ends of the Industrial/Electro spectrum, their musical styles meshed well and the fans left with a smile at the end of the night.

Julien-K took the stage in the Jewels Room of Union Nightclub and instantly captured the attention of the audience with their high-energy music. One thing is for sure when it comes to this group- they have a fiercely loyal fan base. From the beginning of the set to the very end of it, the lyrics floated right back to lead singer and guitarist, Ryan Shuck. Even those that had never heard of Julien-K before the show were dancing to the music. On guitar and synthesizer, Amir Derakh delivered slick guitar riffs and kept the rhythm alive. Bidi Cobra blew the audience away as he played the keys and bass. Galen Waling filled in on drums, rounding out the sound of the band. The overall atmosphere during the set was akin to being among family. Shuck said it best as the band took a moment to tune their instruments between songs: “We don’t have fans in Los Angeles… we have friends.”

Julien-K is:
Ryan Shuck- Vocals and guitar
Amir Derakh- Guitar and synth
Bidi Cobra- Bass and keyboard
Eli James- Drums

As the members of Pig took their places on stage, the crowd surged and pushed forward in order to be as close to the band as possible. In comparison to the atmosphere of Julien-K’s performance, the energy of the crowd evolved and became more abrasive. Raymond Watts is a revered member of the industrial community, and he was met with screams and cheers as he arrived on stage in a silver tasseled jacket. He is a charismatic frontman and danced around the cramped stage with seemingly endless energy. On guitar and backing vocals, En Esch displayed a similar liveliness as he played to the enthralled audience. Guenter Schulz is a talented guitarist that can keep up with the best of them. Z. Marr played his keyboard and synthesizer flawlessly and provided the beat that kept the fans dancing throughout the set. Galen Waling made his second appearance of the night on stage with Pig, and although he must have been tired, he beat the drums with an unrivaled vigor. Dedicated fans gathered from near and far to witness Pig’s performance, and some have even traveled to multiple stops on this tour; the love that the fans have for this band speaks volumes to their character and ensures that wherever they play, the fans will come!

Pig is:
Raymond Watts- Vocals
En Esch- Guitar and backing vocals
Guenter Schulz- Guitar
Z. Marr- Keyboard/Synth
Galen Waling- Drums

Whether in attendance to see Julien-K or Pig, the fans that were lucky enough to catch the show on the Los Angeles stop of the Prey and Obey tour watched an unforgettable performance put on by two talented bands. Both groups have a fiercely loyal following and during both sets, the crowd sang and danced along with every song. Julien-K’s upbeat sound and Pig’s darker aesthetic blended surprisingly well and made for an entertaining concert. When the Prey and Obey tour comes to a city near you, make sure to see the feat of industrial rock for yourself!

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