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Michael Larsson of ColdSpell

by Derric Miller
— Managing Editor —

ColdSpell guitarist Michael Larsson checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their brand new album A New World Arise; the new video for the track “Forevermore,” how songs like “Call of the Wild” and “Love Me Like You Do” were written; the musicians who inspired Larsson to pick up the guitar; how he measures succcess; the state of the crazy world today; and so much more.

A New World Arise is one of 2017’s best releases and an album you’ll go back to again and again. Tune in now to hear the talented guitarist and songwriter talk about your new favorite album, and pick up A New World Arise if you haven’t yet.

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  1. You know, guys, I just discovered your website when I was looking for information on Casablanca’s concept album ‘Miskatonic Graffiti’. INstead, not only did I find the information I was seeking, but a wealth of and excellent and honest commentaries on hard rock and metal bands that it seems teh United States both forgot or totally ignores in favor of no talent, auto-tuned singles and garbage that is layered and need so many ‘collaborations’ on each ‘single’ that’s ‘dropped’.

    Ever since I discovered Coldspell back in 2009 when I heard ‘Infinite Stargaze’ and ‘Straight Things Out’, I’ve had this band on my top ten ‘radar’. What a talented group of musicians! I am so impressed that you both know of them and give them the recognition they so richly deserve. The depth and production of these CD’s and their sound is almost unparalleled

    Personally, I own over 5000 hard rock CD’s , have about 60,000 songs on my iPod and iPhone, and consider House of Lords, Phantom V, Blood Gods,H.E.A.T., Newman, Threshold, Primal Fear, TNT, Saxon, Eisbrecher, Degreed, Find Me, One Desire, NIVA, Vega, Kissin Dynamite, Impera, Bonafide, Jorn, Lichtgestalt, Dream Evil, Bai Bang, Gotthard, Treat, Eclipse, Dirty Looks, Brother Firetribe, and The Cult, are among my favorites. If you ever need another American hard rock fan or expert reviewer, etc., please let me know how to send you an application.

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