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In Concert: The Pretty Reckless

by Arta Gailuma
– Photojournalist —

December 10, 2017 at Palladium in Cologne, Germany —

Even though The Pretty Reckless, in only three albums, have managed to gain quite a fan following, this evening in Palladium for their set the crowd was not the most responsive. On the first beats of “Heaven Knows,” Taylor was asking the crowd to participate in singing along if they know the song. They either didn’t know it or couldn’t be bothered, either way, that request hit pretty deaf ears, this crowd was obviously here for Stone Sour. It did not weaken the band’s performance at all. Taylor Momsen’s vocals stayed imprinted on the brain for hours after the concert was accompanied by beautiful lights was a show definitely worth seeing. The Pretty Reckless proved with, good reason, why they won this year’s APMA’s title of Best Hard Rock band.

Taylor Momsen- lead vocals
Ben Philips- guitar
Mark Damon- bass
Jamie Perkins- drums

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  1. Taylor Momsen, total rock star!

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