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by Marissa Ann – Photojournalist – November 7th, 2014 at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. – Gotham Rocks returned on Friday, Nov. 7, with its rising New York City concert tour Weekend of Wreckage, hosted by Brooke von Berg, at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. Headed by Cary Tamura and [...]
by Matt Karpe – Senior Columnist – Sister Sin’s fifth studio album Black Lotus brings more 80s’ influenced heavy metal to the table. The Swedish quartet, led by the charismatic vixen that is Liv Jagrell don’t stray too far from the formula of their previous records, yet Black [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – While thinking about the bands in the history of rock who eagerly utilize theatricality of performance to build their image and then end up accused of “style over substance” kind of thing, you may come up with such names as KISS, GWAR or [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – “Never judge a book by its cover”, wise men used to say, a rightful approach in about nine cases out of ten. However, there’s always some exception to the rule. Just imagine four guys wearing their best Ziggy-Stardust-meets-Ace-Frehley [...]
by Joe Mis – Senior Columnist – The music of Luxembourg’s My Own Ghost is difficult to pigeon-hole. Perhaps the band’s own words describe it best: “We are a rock band. And sometimes a pop band. With electronic things.” However you classify it – power metal, Gothic [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist – What is it with Swedish bands and the Toto-worship? The Swedes have always led the rest of the world in melodic rock, but lately they’ve cornered the market on Toto’s brand of “West Coast” AOR. The latest band to take this [...]
by Christophe Pauly – Senior Photojournalist – Andy Alt introduces A Little Thunder™ – a revolutionary humbucker pickup that adds a bass signal to electric guitars. The addition of the bass feature comes at no physical modifications to your beloved guitar: no drilling, routing, [...]
Biography Brian Sims I’m Brian Sims and live Toledo, Ohio. I’ve been a music enthusiast all my life and have collected autographs, photos, guitar picks and drum sticks. I’m a chef by trade, but I’ve always dreamed of being a concert photographer one day. A wonderful woman I met in April [...]
by Brian Sims – Photographer – November 3rd, 2014 at Veterans Memorial Civic Center in Lima, Ohio – Alice Cooper performed live at the Lima Civic Center Monday, Nov. 3. Alice Cooper Band: Chuck Garric – Bass, Nita Strauss – Guitar, Ryan Roxie – Guitar, Tommy [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor – Just in time for the cheerful holidays comes the new release Dead Winter Sun from the American metal band Born of Fire. Although they’ve been around since 1998, the band’s releases have been intermittent and far between. In fact, Dead Winter Sun [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist – It’s hard to believe that German power metal band Mob Rules has been around long enough to be celebrating their 20th anniversary. Their debut album was released 15 years ago, but apparently they’ve been active a full two decades now. The [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist – It’s been five years since Bulgarian melodic/progressive/power metal band Project Arcadia’s debut album From the Desert of Desire, but the band is finally back with a follow-up. Project Arcadia figured out a sure-fire way to get [...]
by John Kindred – Publisher – Chicago’s Hessler is back with a revamped lineup and a new studio release. Following the departure of vocalist Lariyah Daniels, who left the group and then joined the occult metal band Khaotika, Hessler recruited the 2012 X-Factor contestant Jessikill. [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – Although it’s just their debut album that’s hit the shelves this summer, State Of Salazar are a group of experienced and versatile musicians, skilful in both progressive pop and ska – and also, having learned their chops in Malmö [...]
by Deb Rao – Senior Columnist – Richie Kotzen is embarking on a solo tour to promote his latest release The Essential Richie Kotzen on Loud And Proud Records. The iconic singer will return to Las Vegas for a special show at Vamp’d on November 20th. Richie Kotzen gives Hardrock Haven [...]
by Anabel Dflux – Senior Photojournalist – Anabel DFlux caught up with the twins backstage at the Halloweekend Black Mass Tour at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. Opening for Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, William Control, and Set It Off. Drama Club hyped up the crowd with [...]
by Christophe Pauly – Senior Photojournlaist – Brothers Max and Igor Cavalera latest project Cavalera Conspiracy released their recent studio album, Pandemonium, on Halloween. Max Cavalera talked with Hardrock Haven’s Christophe Pauly and discussed reuniting musically with his [...]
by John Kindred – Publisher – The Making of George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead: “Uncensored – unseen – undead … this is the complete, no-holds-barred history of George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead …” There isn’t anything heavier than Zombies, and Metal [...]
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