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SHAMAN’S HARVEST AND MASCOT RECORDS REVEAL LEAD SINGLE “THE COME UP” FROM JULY 28TH GLOBAL RELEASE OF BAND’S UPCOMING STUDIO ALBUM RED HANDS BLACK DEEDS Song Premieres Listen Here: Last Album Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns Garnered More Than 31 Million Streams, 8 Million YouTube Views, [...]
The new PRONG-Album “Zero Days” is another monster of an album, another step towards refining the perfect PRONG-Sound and another album that lacks any filler or lackluster moment. Musically, it hits home from the first bars of the mighty opener “However It May End” to the [...]
The US Symphonic Rock/Metal Band EYNOMIA have signed a worldwide deal with PURE LEGEND RECORDS, a division of PURE STEEL RECORDS, for the release of their forthcoming debut album. Eymonia is a five-piece Symphonic Rock/Metal band that is strongly influenced by European female-fronted bands. The [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Sr. Columnist — “Listening to the live album is even better than having experienced the gig yourself,” said no one ever. The paraphrase of one of the favorite sayings of the Internet generation basically sums up all that has been ever said and written about [...]
There is a new Voyag3r song available for purchase! Please download Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler and crank up your volume. Appearance Of The Mysterious Traveler is part of the Rise of the Synths documentary film Official Companion Album EP. 1 and is released via Lakeshore Records. The best [...]
by Anabel DFlux – Sr. Photojournalist — Senior journalist Anabel DFlux had a lovely conversation with Los Angeles musician Cerena Del Mar. Cerena had just released her debut album Blue Sea Motel (The Desert Edition) and the two had a lot to talk about! The conversation revolved around [...]
by Anabel DFlux – Sr. Photojournalist — May 29, 2017 at The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA. — German Epic Symphonic Metal stalwarts Xandria is currently out on the road with Kobra and the Lotus, supporting the band’s latest studio album seventh studio album Theater of [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — Before Black Laden Crown gets rightfully raked over the coals, some mighty hails to one of the best Metal musicians ever might be in order. Misfits. Samhain. Solo work. The best Mother’s Day song in the history of mankind. The beautifully [...]
by Anabel DFlux – Sr. Photojournalist — May 29, 2017 at The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA. — Kobra and the Lotus are currently out on the road with Xandria, supporting the band’s latest studio album “Prevail I” on the group’s new label, Napalm Records, which [...]
by Anabel DFlux – Sr. Photojournalist — Senior journalist Anabel DFlux had a wonderful chat with Kobra Paige and Brad Kennedy of Kobra and the Lotus! Having photographed them once many years prior, it was like a friendly catch up. Genuinely some of the kindest and most passionate people [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — Vain is one of those bands that were both everything addictive about Sleaze/Glam Rock but also one of the reasons WHY it died a thousand deaths when Grunge took over. In essence, you can blame it on lyrics like this, from the track “Beat the [...]
by Franco Cerchiari – Senior Columnist — Impossible to play at normal volumes, after a seven-year absence, Italy’s Labyrinth returns with this, their eighth studio release, Architecture of a God, released on the excellent Frontiers Records label. Completely melodic, with fantastic [...]
by Brenda McTaggart – Columnist — Guitarist and songwriter Jon Schaffer admirably had the drive of a man on a mission on this new album. Have any doubts? The evidence has never been more abundantly clear than on Incorruptible – the 12th full length and mighty offering from Florida’s [...]
KillSET is the combination of a professional, well-oiled, finely tuned metal machine and an explosive, supercharged charismatic front man – as evidenced by their upcoming album, ‘S.T.F.U.’ (release date: June 23rd). Having been produced by Eddie Wohl (Fuel, Smile Empty Soul, ill [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist — As opposed to the so-called super groups – burdened with instability from the moment of birth – the all-star project with its clear division into masterminds and guest performers gives the former almost endless possibilities to push [...]
by Chris A. – Senior Photojournalist — May 16, 2017 at EXPRESS LIVE!, Columbus, OH. — The original shock rocker Alice Cooper keeps on, keeping on … Cooper and his band recently made a stop in Columbus, Ohio. LIVE! | Alice Cooper Concert Photo Gallery Set List: 1. Brutal [...]
by Joe Mis – Senior Columnist — Chicago-based guitarist – well, multi-instrumentalist really – Mark Schuster has once again proven to the world that he is a complete musician. Mark is the full package – he sings, plays every instrument on the album (with the exception of one [...]
by Chris Baird – Photojournalist — May 5-7, 2017 at Rock City Campground @ Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC. — The 2017 Carolina Rebellion festival took place May 5 -7 and featured bands from Def Leppard, The Pretty Reckless to Citizen Zero covering multiple genres of Metal [...]
by Steve Patrick – Sr. Columnist — Indianapolis retro metallers Sacred Leather recently treated Columbus, OH to the first date of their “Sado-Massacre Tour.” The aptly titled band is one big visual and audio reference to everything that made Metal in the 80’s awesome: [...]
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