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by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist – If the so-called New Wave of Traditional Metal is a real movement, it’s definitely a global one. Hailing from Australia, traditional heavy metal band Johnny Touch delivered their full-length debut Inner City Wolves earlier this year. It’s out on [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – Regardless of the actual genre, for a band that’s labeled “classic” making new album may be a risky business. Some appear determined to go on channeling their inner youngsters – their contemporary albums being so drastically detached [...]
by Anabel Dflux – Senior Photojournalist – November 11th, 2014 at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. – Arch Enemy came out with an explosive bang at the House of Blues Hollywood on November 11, 2014. Fans were eager to see how the new vocalist would compare to the prior one, and [...]
by Anabel Dflux – Senior Photojournalist – November 11th, 2014 at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. – Metal band Kreator played alongside Starkill, Huntress, and Arch Enemy on November 11th, but held it up all on their own. With a long and intense set, the crowd moshed, [...]
Biography – Barbara Fleisch I’m Barbara Fleisch, aka “Barbwire,” and was born and raised in New York City in the ‘80s. I grew up with the culture and rock/punk rock in my blood. I attended the New York Institute of Technology with an advertising major and film minor. I got my taste of [...]
by Anabel Dflux – Senior Photojournalist – November 11th, 2014 at the House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. – Metal act Huntress absolutely devoured the stage at the House of Blues Hollywood on November the 11th. Performing alongside Starkill, Kreator, and Arch Enemy, Huntress stalked [...]
FRONTIERS MUSIC Srl SET TO RELEASE THE EPIC DRACULA CONCEPT ALBUM FROM JORN LANDE AND TROND HOLTER Frontiers Music Srl, is pleased to announce the release of a new exciting album written and performed by the two Norwegian Rock Stars Jorn Lande and Trond Holter entitled DRACULA “Swing of Death on [...]
by Marija Brettle – Columnist – – November 07, 2014, London – Back in the 2010, at the top of the newly emerging LA punk scene, Greek punk rockers Barb Wire Dolls have fast become one of the must–see bands. By keeping true to their punk ideals they soon build up reputation [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – Once the wind filled his sails, Nigel Bailey’s apparently not about to rest on his laurels. This year he gained major recognition from fronting a British three-piece band Three Lions, whose self-titled debut album was released under the wing [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – After releasing a string of instrumental solo recordings, a Cairo-based Polish guitarist Andrzej Citowicz returns with a new EP. This time, however, he abandons the convention his listeners were familiar with in favor of the co-operation with [...]
by Deb Rao – Senior Columnist – The music industry is always looking for the next big thing. Hardrock Haven recently caught up with Super Troup . This new band is comprised of veteran performers including singer Chas West formerly of Jason Bonham Band and Lynch Mob, guitarist Scott [...]
by John Kindred – Publisher – November 11th, 2014 at Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Mo. – Touring in support of their self-titled fourth full-length album, the Black Veil Brides arrived in Kansas City, Mo., along with the cold. Their current tour dubbed “The Black Mass Tour [...]
by Mark Allen – Senior Columnist – Davey Suicide slashes back onto the scene with his sophomore album and his musical creed is loudly defined as “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So if you found yourself stirred by the industrial-tinged hard rock/metal sound that he showcased [...]
by Marissa Ann – Photojournalist – November 7th, 2014 at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. – Gotham Rocks returned on Friday, Nov. 7, with its rising New York City concert tour Weekend of Wreckage, hosted by Brooke von Berg, at Muchmore’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. Headed by Cary Tamura and [...]
by Matt Karpe – Senior Columnist – Sister Sin’s fifth studio album Black Lotus brings more 80s’ influenced heavy metal to the table. The Swedish quartet, led by the charismatic vixen that is Liv Jagrell don’t stray too far from the formula of their previous records, yet Black [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – While thinking about the bands in the history of rock who eagerly utilize theatricality of performance to build their image and then end up accused of “style over substance” kind of thing, you may come up with such names as KISS, GWAR or [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist – “Never judge a book by its cover”, wise men used to say, a rightful approach in about nine cases out of ten. However, there’s always some exception to the rule. Just imagine four guys wearing their best Ziggy-Stardust-meets-Ace-Frehley [...]
by Joe Mis – Senior Columnist – The music of Luxembourg’s My Own Ghost is difficult to pigeon-hole. Perhaps the band’s own words describe it best: “We are a rock band. And sometimes a pop band. With electronic things.” However you classify it – power metal, Gothic [...]
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