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Biography — Brenda McTaggart with Pepper Keenan Brenda is based in Northern Ireland and has always listened to and played music from an early age, including having the ability to play a mean violin. Brenda’s musical taste was diverse growing up. However, her youthful obsession of watching [...]
Biography — Franco Cerchiari It was Quiet Riot’s Metal Health that did it for me. Ever since those pounding drums and melodic guitar hooks found their way to my ear drums, it was all over, and I knew music would be a massive part of my life. So while a career as a firefighter/paramedic, [...]
Biography Steve Patrick Steve Patrick lives and breathes music. His parents got him started with their Alice Cooper and Uriah Heep records, but Steve’s interest in rock music truly took off after seeing his first concert: AC/DC. He has a BA in Anthropology, but also considers himself to be [...]
Biography — Maria Brettle I’ve been truly blessed and fortunate enough to get involved in the media and music industry at a very young age. So, how did I “roll” into the magic world of rock? It all started with rock’s mighty forces: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Joan Jett, who [...]
Biography Cynthia Jo Born and raised in the music capital of the world, Los Angeles, California, Cynthia Jo has always had a vision and passion for music, especially rock and roll. At the young age of twelve, she began promoting local bands and became intrigued and very passionate in describing [...]
Biography Joe Mis A big “Yo!” to all from Brooklyn, N.Y.! I was Brooklyn born and raised – and still live in one of the most interesting and vibrant places in New York City. In my real life, I am the all around “computer guy” for a small higher education institution [...]