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On June 16, Valerie are releasing their brand new EP “Dangerous”, which will be available for purchase through,, iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby among others. The EP, which is limited to 500 copies only, consists of the AOR-driven single Night After [...]
by Nikiforos Skoumas – Columnist – Releasing a first class AOR album each year is nothing to be taken lightly, and that is exactly what guitarist Andy Rock and Wild Rose have been up to for the past three years. We contacted Andy Rock to find out first hand what is the drive behind Wild [...]
by Nikiforos Skoumas – Columnist – The Wild Rose camp has got to be one of the hardest working in the Greek rock scene; in 2011 Wild Rose debuted with Half Past Midnight, an album that redefined such terms as “retro” and “’80s-oriented” melodic rock. What followed was a [...]