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gene hoglan

by Brenda McTaggart – Columnist — Among the first generation of Thrash bands still keeping it brutal and, more importantly, relevant today, is Testament. This shredding legend has now released its 11th studio album Brotherhood of the Snake and is showing no signs of letting up or fading [...]
by Chris A. – Senior Photojournalist — Video Interview with the Atomic Clock: Gene Hoglan In the world of heavy metal drumming, Gene Hoglan is a legend. Known as “The Atomic Clock,” Gene’s been in about every metal band on the planet. Recently he’s found a home [...]
by Steve Patrick – Columnist — Anyone familiar with the band Meldrum is most likely also aware of the untimely demise of the band’s namesake and founder, guitarist Michelle Meldrum. The driving force of the band unexpectedly past away from a cystic growth that restricted blood flow to [...]
by Trevor Portz Staff Writer — Brendan Small is a talented guy. Come on, he’s managed to successfully blend extreme metal and comedy on the surprisingly popular Metalocalypse. Plus, he spearheaded one of the most underrated animated shows of the last 20 years (Home Movies). On top of all [...]