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by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Seattle-based traditional heavy metal warriors Skelator are back with a new full-length release. King of Fear is the band’s fourth album overall, and first on the Swords and Chains label. The band has been kicking around the [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — Before you hear note one on Zero Down’s new release, No Limit to the Evil, you know you are in for a freakin’ Metal joy ride … and that’s just based on the artwork! As on two of their prior three studio albums, the insane Preacher Man (or a [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Swedish traditional heavy metal band Rocka Rollas is back with a new album, their third full-length release in the past four years, titled The Road to Destruction. There have been some changes in the Rocka Rollas camp recently, most [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Now here’s an underground heavy metal gem that is likely known only to the most die-hard collectors, or those who happened to witness the Oklahoma City metal scene in the ‘80s. Formed mainly by Los Angeles transplants, Powerlord made [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — When Empires Fall is the 2014 debut album from San Francisco-based traditional heavy metal band Ancient Empire, which was put together by Shadowkiller (and ex-Rocka Rollas) frontman/guitarist Joe Liszt alongside ex-Rapid Fire rhythm [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — The Divebomb label has reissued some interesting demo releases, both new and old, as part of their Bootcamp series, but this may be the best thing they’ve unearthed to date. Way before they became one of the more innovative bands to emerge from [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — Originally released in 1990, World Won’t Miss You was the debut full-length album from Reverend, the power/thrash metal band formed more or less from a vocalist swap between the bands Metal Church and Heretic. Heretic’s singer Mike Howe joined [...]
by Jonna Ambur – Senior Photojournalist — Oakland, Calif. band Machine Head recently released their eighth album titled Bloodstone and Diamonds. The first album to feature new bassist, Jared MacEachern, is already receiving rave reviews from fans, fellow musicians and the entire music [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist — As for Riot, the band wouldn’t have needed any introduction among the metal circle – there’s an entire generation of fans who banged their heads and pumped their fists to anthems such as “Warrior” or “Thundersteel” this [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Originally released in 1991, Play God was the second full-length album from Reverend, the power/thrash metal band formed by vocalist David Wayne (R.I.P.) after his departure from Metal Church. In the year since Reverend’s debut [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Now here’s an album no one saw coming. Swedish band Dynazty already had three albums under their belts, all of which followed the basic sleaze/melodic rock approach of bands like Hardcore Superstar and Crashdiet. That’s about all [...]
by Alissa Ordabai – Senior Columnist — Forte’s dazzling 2012 debut established him as a new generation torch bearer of neoclassical shred, but now the Frenchman ventures further afield with a sophomore record. Flashy chops on an aptly titled opener “Short Virtuosity Etude” [...]
by John Kindred – Publisher — George Lynch is a man in constant motion. Continuing his reunion and partnership with original Lynch Mob vocalist Oni Logan, the duo’s latest studio effort Sun Red Sun offers fans seven new songs, including a cover of Bad Company’s “Burnin Sky,” as [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — Starting with Wolf and carrying on through bands like Enforcer and Air Raid, Sweden has been at the forefront of the traditional heavy metal revival. Stockholm-based Starblind is the latest Swedish band to pick up the banner of old school heavy [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — If the so-called New Wave of Traditional Metal is a real movement, it’s definitely a global one. Hailing from Australia, traditional heavy metal band Johnny Touch delivered their full-length debut Inner City Wolves earlier this year. It’s out on [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist — Regardless of the actual genre, for a band that’s labeled “classic” making new album may be a risky business. Some appear determined to go on channeling their inner youngsters – their contemporary albums being so drastically detached [...]
by Matt Karpe – Senior Columnist — Sister Sin’s fifth studio album Black Lotus brings more 80s’ influenced heavy metal to the table. The Swedish quartet, led by the charismatic vixen that is Liv Jagrell don’t stray too far from the formula of their previous records, yet Black [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — Just in time for the cheerful holidays comes the new release Dead Winter Sun from the American metal band Born of Fire. Although they’ve been around since 1998, the band’s releases have been intermittent and far between. In fact, Dead Winter Sun [...]
by John Kindred – Publisher — Chicago’s Hessler is back with a revamped lineup and a new studio release. Following the departure of vocalist Lariyah Daniels, who left the group and then joined the occult metal band Khaotika, Hessler recruited the 2012 X-Factor contestant Jessikill. [...]
by Matt Karpe – Senior Columnist — Swedish quintet Crazy Lixx have followed up 2012 release Riot Avenue with another record full of 80’s influenced glam tinged metal. Along with fellow countrymen Crashdiet and Finns Reckless Love, the popular sub-genre of the past continues to make a [...]
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