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by John Kindredx – Publisher — Shredguy Records is back, making noise early in 2015 with the release of the labels 27th album. Game On!! heralds the return of Sean Baker Orchestra and offers 13 new songs, 11 instrumentals and two songs with guest vocalists. Sean Baker Orchestra is a [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — It’s been a good few years for fans of old school Heavy Metal, with new and exciting traditional Heavy Metal bands emerging from every corner of the globe. Australia has been a surprisingly strong source of these up-and-coming artists. One such [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — It’s been five years since the release of Thomsen’s debut album Let’s Get Ruthless, but guitarist/band leader Rene Thomsen finally returned late last year with a follow-up album, titled Unbroken. It’s an album – and a band [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — Released at the tail end of 2014, Free Nation is the debut album from Metal Machine, a new project masterminded by vocalist Csaba Zvekan (of Raven Lord and Exorcism). Zvekan also handles keys and some guitar work on this album. Csaba Zvekan’s [...]
by John Kindred – Publisher — Legendary hard rock guitarist Michael Schenker’s notoriety begins with the Scorpions before taking over as the axeslinger for UFO. In 1972, at the age of 16, Schenker recorded the studio album Lonesome Crow, alongside his brother, Rudolph, with the [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — It’s quite possible that 1980 was the single most important and influential year in heavy metal. AC/DC released their comeback Back in Black, Judas Priest unleashed their defining British Steel album and Ozzy Osbourne had his smash hit solo debut [...]
by Matt Karpe – Senior Columnist — The word influential gets thrown around a lot these days, but when you listen to your favorite bands from the last couple of decades, you can’t help but wonder, who influenced them- who gave them the motivation to pick up a microphone, guitar, bass [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Now here’s an album that slipped under the radar in the closing days of 2014. Swedish band Empire 21 is a supergroup of sorts. The players involved aren’t exactly superstars, but between them they have quite an impressive [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Now here’s a super-group with a lineup that’s sure to get people’s attention. Level 10 is the latest project to emerge from the mad scientists at the Frontiers label. This time around they’ve assembled a [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — The new year is upon us, and we already have a contender for our “top ten of 2015” list wih As Daylight Breaks, the debut album from Serious Black. This is a new band – not just a one-off project – from some very familiar names [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Senior Columnist — They’re young, loud and proud, their 2011 EP Welcome To The Wicked Side gained some rave reviews from all around the world, and now they strike with what is their self-titled debut album. A four-piece heavy metal band from Poland, Wicked [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Swedish traditional heavy metal titans Wolf are back with another fierce studio album, titled Devil Seed. It’s the seventh album to date from the Wolf, who was one of the first (and is still one of the best) bands to emerge from what [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Seattle-based traditional heavy metal warriors Skelator are back with a new full-length release. King of Fear is the band’s fourth album overall, and first on the Swords and Chains label. The band has been kicking around the [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — Before you hear note one on Zero Down’s new release, No Limit to the Evil, you know you are in for a freakin’ Metal joy ride … and that’s just based on the artwork! As on two of their prior three studio albums, the insane Preacher Man (or a [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Swedish traditional heavy metal band Rocka Rollas is back with a new album, their third full-length release in the past four years, titled The Road to Destruction. There have been some changes in the Rocka Rollas camp recently, most [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — Now here’s an underground heavy metal gem that is likely known only to the most die-hard collectors, or those who happened to witness the Oklahoma City metal scene in the ‘80s. Formed mainly by Los Angeles transplants, Powerlord made [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor — When Empires Fall is the 2014 debut album from San Francisco-based traditional heavy metal band Ancient Empire, which was put together by Shadowkiller (and ex-Rocka Rollas) frontman/guitarist Joe Liszt alongside ex-Rapid Fire rhythm [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — The Divebomb label has reissued some interesting demo releases, both new and old, as part of their Bootcamp series, but this may be the best thing they’ve unearthed to date. Way before they became one of the more innovative bands to emerge from [...]
by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist — Originally released in 1990, World Won’t Miss You was the debut full-length album from Reverend, the power/thrash metal band formed more or less from a vocalist swap between the bands Metal Church and Heretic. Heretic’s singer Mike Howe joined [...]
by Jonna Ambur – Senior Photojournalist — Oakland, Calif. band Machine Head recently released their eighth album titled Bloodstone and Diamonds. The first album to feature new bassist, Jared MacEachern, is already receiving rave reviews from fans, fellow musicians and the entire music [...]
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