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Now On Tour With Beyond The Black! Prevail I, the latest offering by Canada’s finest metal export KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, has been successfully released in May 2017 on Napalm Records. This is a true rock juggernaut full of blistering guitars, pounding rhythms and haunting vocal melodies taking [...]
by Arta Gailuma – Photojournalist — November 30, 2017 at Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom — Even though it wasn’t a good start to their tour (weather damaged kit, illnesses, and the disrespectful fan at the Newcastle concert), Kobra And The Lotus are only growing [...]
by Alexandra Mrozowska – Sr. Columnist — Gone are the days when having a frontwoman was a rarity for a Rock band, and when the boldest female pioneers of the genre were labeled “caricatures of male rockers” by narrow-minded music scribes. Now there’s an entire league of [...]
by Anabel DFlux – Sr. Photojournalist — May 29, 2017 at The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA. — Kobra and the Lotus are currently out on the road with Xandria, supporting the band’s latest studio album “Prevail I” on the group’s new label, Napalm Records, which [...]
by Anabel DFlux – Sr. Photojournalist — Senior journalist Anabel DFlux had a wonderful chat with Kobra Paige and Brad Kennedy of Kobra and the Lotus! Having photographed them once many years prior, it was like a friendly catch up. Genuinely some of the kindest and most passionate people [...]
Explosive Canadian Hard Rockers, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have completed work on their new album and Napalm Records debut “Prevail I”. The album is set for release on May 12th! Today the band reveals the artwork, track listing and has unleashed their brand new single “Gotham”. [...]
New Double Album Prevail I + II Out In 2017 Canadian Hard Rockers, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS recently signed a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. They are set to release their fourth album and Napalm Records debut Prevail I + II as two separate volumes of a double album. The first part will be released [...]