Hot off the Press


by Jonna Ambur – Sr. Columnist — Formed in 2004, Alter Bridge recently released its fifth studio alum The Last Hero, which was produced by Michael “Elvis” Baskette, a longtime collaborator. There is a huge, heavier sound heard on this album, as it covers themes of current news and [...]
by Justin Gaines – Sr. Columnist — Divebomb Records is celebrating the 25th installment in their Bootcamp series by paying tribute to the series that inspired it: Combat’s classic Boot Camp line. Divebomb’s Bootcamp Origins CD is an upgraded reissue of Combat’s [...]
by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — You know those female-fronted metal bands where a rousing symphonic arrangement sets the stage for a doe-eyed waif in a Stevie Nicks dress to emerge, much like a delicate flower, to serenade us with a light and airy operatic verse – possibly about leaves [...]
by Justin Gaines Staff Writer — Voyage of the Damned is the seventh studio from Danish power metal band Iron Fire. Good old Iron Fire. You know, with the cheesy name and the cheesy album covers and the cheesy songs about battles and metal warriors. Shove ‘em off to the side with Metalium [...]