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Pete Newdeck

by Derric Miller — Managing Editor — Midnite City lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Rob Wylde checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their new stellar debut self-titled album; what the band’s sound is all about; how the band came together and Pete Newdeck’s role [...]
by Derric Miller –Managing Editor– Last time out, the vocalist who was introduced to the world in the late ’80s as the wildly talented singer of Shy, Tony Mills, was a bit downtrodden. Not only that, he was (musically) in a dark, brooding pool of an unblinking abyss, and gave the [...]
by John Kindred Staff Writer — Jay Parmar returns with his sophomore studio release titled Circle of Fire on Steve Vai’s label Digital Nations.The album follows up his 2005 debut release, Strange Day, and tracks his musical progress and growth over the last seven years. Although it seems [...]
by Marija Brettle Staff Writer — He’s well known for having a very George Lynch type style and has performing on the Lynch tribute CD, Will Play For Lynch; but these days, U.K. based guitarist, producer and guitar tutor Jay Parmar is better known and admired for pulling off some great [...]