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by Justin Gaines – Senior Columnist/News Editor – Editorial Commentary – I was driving around recently, listening to Saxon (a fairly regular occurrence), when the title track to their 1981 album Denim and Leather came on. It’s one of those signature metal anthems with a [...]
by Christophe Pauly – Senior Photojournalist – February 23th, 2014 at Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg – Hardrock Haven’s Christophe Pauly caught up with Saxon at Rockhal in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg. Enjoy the photo gallery from the concert. LIVE! | SAXON Concert [...]
by Deb Rao – Senior Columnist – October 2, 2013 at Vamp’d in Las Vegas, NV. – Heavy metal band Saxon is currently on tour and made a special stop in Las Vegas at Vamp’d on Oct. 2. It has been two years since the band performed in Vegas and metal fans were in for non-stop [...]
by Deb Rao – Senior Columnist – British heavy metal band Saxon is gearing up for an extensive U.S. Tour slated to kick off on Sept. 12. Saxon will make a special stop in Las Vegas on October 2nd at Vamp’d. In this exclusive interview for Hardrock Haven, drummer Nigel Glockler [...]
by Deb Rao – Senior Columnist – Biff Byford of Saxon checks in with Hardrock Haven to discuss the upcoming March release of Sacrifice. After 30 years, Saxon remains one of the heavy metal thunder weights of the British metal invasion. Sacrifice unleashes the powerful fury of the early [...]
by Ron Higgins – Columnist – Warning! Listening to this album in its entirety may lead to severe neck injuries due to copious amounts of head banging. You have been warned. Biff Byford and the Boys are Back! Thirty-four years after the release of their self-titled debut, Saxon is about [...]