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Mrozowska, Alexandra

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Alexandra Mrozowska

Alexandra Mrozowska

Born in Poland in 1991 I was growing in the world of hip-hop, techno and digital downloads. How come I have found myself in love with rock ‘n roll in such inappropriate time and place? Heaven only knows, it seems! I have spent my earliest childhood years hanging ’round the radio and soon I was to discover I have a soft spot for anything labeled ‘classic’ or ‘oldie’, no matter whether it was 50’s vintage rock ‘n roll, 70’s bluesy rock or 80’s synth pop.

When I was only 9 I started to devour music magazines from cover to cover and watch MTV Poland almost 24/7. Simultaneously, I’ve started to develop my second lifelong passion of writing, putting together lyrics, poems and short stories. Around that time I discovered Bon Jovi and Aerosmith; within the next few years a TV channel called MTV Classic gave me a proper recognition of the ‘80s and ‘70s hard rock and heavy metal and this is when my rock’n’roll journey began… In my teenage years I decided to try my hand at music journalism. It was 2009 when I started to contribute to Polish websites HardRock.Com.Pl and Hard Rock Service with CD reviews, interviews, articles and concert reviews, the very first interview I’ve ever done being the one with Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper/solo). In early 2011 I started to write for Fireworks: The Melodic Rock Magazine (UK) and Rocktopia website (UK), and about a year later I also joined Hardrock Haven staff as a Columnist (now, a Senior Columnist). Now I simultaneously contribute to Fireworks magazine, Rocktopia and Hardrock Haven with CD/DVD reviews, interviews, book reviews and concert coverage. As for the Polish website Hard Rock Service, now I have decided to focus exclusively on the Polish music industry and the bands and artists coming from Poland in my contributions.

My other interests are the American and English culture, gender studies and the sociology of popular music that influenced the choice of my university studies altogether. In 2010 I enrolled into the Kazimierz Wielki University – I major in English and Culture Studies. In 2013, I defended my Bachelor of Arts thesis (on gender studies/popular music studies) and in 2015, I will defend my Master of Arts thesis (on American studies/popular music studies). Still, what is my main reason to live is definitely music – ‘80s melodic hard rock, glam/sleaze metal, AOR, ‘70s British Glam Rock, Heavy Metal (especially NWOBHM), Power Metal, classic blues, Southern Rock, ‘80s pop, ‘70s disco… My attitude is that a real rocker lives and breathes rock’n’roll – and I love every minute of it!

From: Bydgoszcz, Poland