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  • Eva Kathryn 1

    Eva Kathryn

    by Christophe Pauly – Senior Photojournalist – Singer, songwriter and keyboardist Eva Kathryn is preparing to release her first studio album. Tentatively titled [...]
  • Ollie Reckless Love fp

    Olli Herman of Reckless Love

    by Marija Brettle – Senior Columnist – December 06, 2014, at Rock City, Nottingham – Fronted by former Crashdiet singer Olli Herman, Reckless Love first [...]
  • Joe Perry fp

    Joe Perry of Aerosmith

    by Steve Patrick – Senior Columnist – Aerosmith’s Joe Perry is the quintessential guitar hero. For millions across the globe, his riffs are the soundtrack of [...]
  • Karen Stever Idiot Savantfp

    Karen Stever talks Idiot Savant

    by Marija Brettle – Columnist – Her creativity has inspired others to feel free to express their feelings and individuality. Canadian, Karen Stever is a Metal, [...]

Reckless Love Rocks … Rock City!

by Emma Jenkins – Guest Columnist – December 6th, 2014 at Rock City, Nottingham, England – Tonight’s main event was preceded by The First, a band hailing from Cambridge, who has had successful year touring. The First certainly bring the energy and [...]

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  • Karen Stever 03
    by John Kindred – Publisher – Stever’s latest studio album Idiot Savant finally has seen the light of day. The 12-track studio album is a concept record that tells the story of 9-year-old Ian, an “idiot savant,” who has a special bond with animals. Set in the 1930s, a time when those with handicaps suffered because science was [...]

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