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  • Edguy 2014 band

    Tobias Sammet of Edguy

    by Derric Miller - Managing Editor – Edguy vocalist Tobias Sammet checked in with Hardrock Haven to discuss their new album, Space Police: Defenders of the Crown; [...]

    Ricky Warwick of Black Star Riders

    by Steve Patrick - Senior Columnist – When the members of Thin Lizzy decided in late 2012 to not record a new album under the Lizzy name, Black Star Riders were born. [...]
  • Gotthard 2014

    Nic Maeder of Gotthard

    by Alexandra Mrozowska - Columnist – Two years after the album Firebirth marked the start of a new chapter in Gotthard’s history after the tragic death of the [...]
  • Outloud 2014

    Chandler Mogel of Outloud

    by Alexandra Mrozowska - Columnist – Five years ago they promised they’ll rock us to hell and back again – and as it seems, the Greek/American band Outloud [...]

LIVE! | Five Finger Death Punch

by Christophe Pauly - Senior Photojournalist – March 25th, 2014 at Trix Antwerpen in Antwerpen, Belgium FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH: IVAN MOODY (vocals), ZOLTAN BATHORY (guitar), JEREMY SPENCER (drums), JASON HOOK (guitar) and CHRIS KAEL (bass), have returned to Europe. [...]

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    by Alexandra Mrozowska - Columnist – The music industry always has been dominated by men and always has sexualized (more often objectified) women. These facts are clear to avid feminists crusading for women’s rights and for girls who opted for a plastic drum kit or a toy guitar for Christmas instead of yet another Barbie doll or who used [...]

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