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  • Abbath: The Holiday Edition

    by Steve Patrick – Sr. Columnist — One of the best gifts given to the metal community in 2016 was the stellar first album from Abbath Doom Occulta since his [...]
  • Sagan & Nick of Hail Sagan

    by Anabel DFlux – Sr. Photojournalist — Senior journalist Anabel DFlux caught up with two talented members (Sagan herself, and Nick Quijano of Powerman 5000) of [...]
  • Oli, Aaron & Adam of RavenEye

    by Brenda McTaggart – Columnist — The guys in RavenEye are either extra-terrestrials or they are supercharged with a nitrous injection of fuel. When they landed [...]
  • Ron Keel Acoustic Solo Show

    by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — November 24, 2016 at the Phoenix Lounge in Harrisburg S.D. — So Ron Keel, ever the nomad, found his way to Sioux Falls, [...]

5RAND join forces with My Kingdom Music

My Kingdom Music is extremely proud to announce the latest signing, the skillful, intense and delirious extreme metallers, 5RAND! They signed a multi-album deal and “Sacred / Scared” debut of the band will see the light on February 2017. 5RAND, headed by the [...]

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  • by John Kindred – Publisher — Trees of Eternity was formed in 2009 by singer-songwriter Aleah Starbridge and guitarist-composer Juha Raivio. In 2012, the band signed a publishing deal with AMF Publishing. After three years, the long, arduous road to the release of its debut studio album, Hour of the Nightingale, finally has arrived. [...]

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  • Its origins This form of music has emerged in the 1960s in roughly the same time as other forms of music such as blues rock, psychedelic and garage music. Hard rock or also [...]




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