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Dflux, Anabel

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Anabel Dflux

Anabel Dflux

I’m Anabel Dflux, a self-taught photographer in California. Photography is my passion, a dream I turned into a reality. In 2009 I started my own photographic service on a whim and a wish, and I now own Deliquesce-Flux Photography.

I’ve been a fan of rock and metal music since I was very young, which led to a room full of CDs and walls adorned with posters, ultimately covering every inch of spare space. Due to my love of music, my artistic interest quickly aligned with concert photography. I was inspired to begin photographing the kind of music that played such an important role in my life.

Living near Hollywood provided me with opportunities to shoot a multitude of bands in some of the most famous music venues. The intense passion of the crowd and stage presence of the musicians made photographing concerts one of the most amazing experiences in the world. My goal has always been to capture the atmosphere through the lens; I want people to feel that energy!

In 2012, my concert photography was featured at the RAWartists Menagerie Gallery show at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. My work has adorned multiple album covers, live DVDs, two gallery shows, and a slew of record label websites and band pages.

I look forward to sharing the epic qualities of music with everyone- starting with Hardrock Haven!

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