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What Do We Love about Norton Internet Security?

It’s smart to update your Internet security program every year or two. Of course, this means every year or two, we have to decide which Internet security suite will serve us best and will be reasonably priced.

If it’s time for you to get up-to-date Internet security, there are some things you should consider: Is the manufacturer reputable? Will it work smoothly with your operating system? Does it offer the features you need? Are parental controls and website authentication included? Is it reasonably priced? How many computers does one license serve? Is the program automatically updated as needed, or do you have to initiate this? Will it effectively serve your needs without slowing down your computer?

Symantec’s Norton Internet Security is one program that can meet your needs. Symantec has been in the business of protecting computers for about twenty years, and their reputation is sound. Norton Internet Security 2013 features include: anti-virus protection, a two-way firewall, network security, prevention of spyware, adware, malware, worms, and phishing. One of the newest threats, Rootkit, is a quite a bit sneakier than its ancestors, and many Internet security suites don’t catch it in time to prevent an invasion. Norton Internet Security 2013 does!

Symantec has addressed all the latest potential security issues, offers privacy, parental controls, and works with Microsoft Windows 2007 and later, including business versions of Windows. It offers a bootable recovery function, and is moderately priced. Unlike earlier incarnations of Norton Internet Security, the 2013 model doesn’t appreciably slow down your computer’s function and isn’t intrusive. Around-the-clock chat or phone support is included for the first year. What’s not to love?