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Lenny Kravitz “Struts”

Ep3: Strut, Are You Gonna Go My Way —


Soundcheck.LennyKravitz-22Soundcheck’s three-part Internet exclusive with Lenny Kravitz wraps up with the last installment of the interview and the live concert performance of the new song “Strut” and the classic “Are You Going My Way.”

The interview touches on Kravitz’s unique perspectives on life, including his view on people as individuals. “Self-acceptance is a process, a journey,” Kravitz says. Inspired by his grandmother, he describes the meaning of “Strut” to be, “about being proud of who you are and being confident in who you are, whatever that is.” He also lays out his own personal guiding rule of thought that one must “let love rule; we are all from the same creator, and we are all one.”

Kravitz and his band deliver a strong performance of “Strut” and “Are You Going My Way” to a studio audience. Kravitz’s ‘70s-influenced sound is built around the core elements of rock. That foundation features the tried and true formula of guitar, drums, bass and vocals. The distinct compositional structures of the music allow all the instruments to be audible, yet they work together to create one definitive sound.

To watch Lenny Kravitz’s Soundcheck performance, please click this link:

Ep3: Strut, Are You Gonna Go My Way

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