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Geordy Shallan of Crown Remnant

by Anabel DFlux
– Sr. Photojournalist —

Crown Remnant is an exquisite metal act hailing from Los Angeles, California. Priding themselves on “mixing a background of various genres of metal, hard rock, and progressive styles of music, The Crown Remnant is a project striving for an amazing performance, production, and creativity. With lyrics centered around personal issues, political themes and literary ideas, the aim of the project is to create a style of music that captures the heart of its creators.”

Senior journalist Anabel DFlux had the grand opportunity to sit down with Crown Remnant mastermind Geordy Shallan, in his humble abode in Los Angeles. Having been friends with the frontman himself for many years, the interview had a more personal touch to it. The band had just released their newest single Haunted (which can be downloaded for free from the Crown Remnant’s official website), a deeply sentimental song to Geordy. The song explores a dark topic and offers a cathartic and healing release for the frontman.

HardRockHaven started off the interview with a loaded question, inquiring about Crown Remnant’s upcoming release The Wicked King. Geordy began with a bit of a backstory on how he came to form the musical endeavor. “The Crown Remnant was started by me, personally. I started it roughly a little less than a year ago now. What happened was I graduated university, and I just kind of got out and was like ‘I don’t really know what to do with myself’. At the time I was writing plays and doing stand-up and I was writing a bunch of music. I evaluated everything and said ‘right now music is the thing that makes me happiest in the world.”

Geordy proceeded to reach out to a good friend of his, Crown Remnant’s lead guitarist Will. The two jammed out and got to work. The two have many of the same influences and musical tastes, which lent a hand in the immensely successful collaboration that followed, going as far as to have an upwards of 40, 50, songs and riffs. To fast forward a few months, the two began tracking and went to a few different studios for vocal production and instrumentals. Geordy continued the story with how the rest of the band members came into the project (Jorge Lopez on rhythm guitar, Josue Lara on bass guitar, and Art Ramirez on drums), all unique stories in their own right. The collaboration proved fruitful, fun, and incredibly positive, with each member being very close knit with the other. It is a rather rare sight nowadays to have a band made up entirely of very good friends, but Crown Remnant pride themselves on this relationship.

The interview continued on to explore the member’s greatest influences, with band names such as Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, and Green Day being throw into the mix. The creation of The Wicked King featured a team of incredible talents lending their hand to the project, such as mix engineer Robin Leijon, Tyler Ruehl, Chad Wilson, Jeremy Simoneaux, and album cover artist Gray Eldritch (all of which is explored in depth in the audio interview). Crown Remnant fans are in for a treat with the news of a December concert, music video plans, and new songs just around the corner!

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