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LIVE! | Sevendust

by Deb Rao
– Senior Columnist —

April 12th, 2014 at Vinyl in Las Vegas, NV. —

Sevendust 2014Sevendust made a special Las Vegas appearance at Vinyl on April 12th. The band is currently on an acoustic tour in support of their latest release Time Travelers & Bonfires. When I first heard about the acoustic tour I was really excited because Sevendust songs are so acoustically crafted and melodically edged.

In an exclusive interview with drummer Morgan Rose, he commented that his drum attire was going to be massive and the stage setting was going to be classy. The stage setting had beautiful pink, and blue lighting. Candles set on the amps that gave the stage a special coffeehouse ambiance. One thing was for certain acoustic guitars ruled the evening.

Sevendust fans flocked to the acoustic show. There were a lot of acts in town that night and we all made the right choice. The band kicked off the set with “Trust.” Next up the band kicked into “Prayer.” Sevendust sounded amazing. There is something about Lajon Witherspoon’s voice that is so beautiful. The songs were so beautifully crafted. In between songs Lajon played the story telling role. Lajon commented,” That the tour has been amazing.” He seemed so overjoyed to see a family in the front row that had brought their children to the show.

The songs seemed to play a new role. The night actually kind of infused a spiritual vibe. Sevendust has always been a peoples band and tonight the band really connected with the audience. Lajon commented that this was no ordinary acoustic show, as the band rocked into “Crucified.”

The highlight of the night had to be on the song “The Wait.” This song really struck a vibe. As it is about losing a loved one. This song is just beautiful. Sevendust ended the first segment of the set with a hard-edged vibe on “Gone.” The band took a short break and returned for another set ending with “Black.”

There even was an impromptu moment when the band launched into a Journey song. Vegas loves Journey. This was a great moment with the sing along.

If you are a fan of Sevendust, this tour is a must see. It is a stripped down melodic version of one of the best bands in the business.

Set List:
Xmas Only
Under It All
Skeleton Song
The Wait
Journey song
Rumble Fish
Come Down
Got A Feeling
Angel’s Son