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by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— Formed in 1988 with a bunch of demos under their belt, Sorcerer has concocted its second full-length album, and its second on Metal Blade Records, aptly called The Crowning of the Fire King. You know the players in the band, as its comprised of members who [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— What the hell is going on in Sweden? Without a doubt, two of the best bands in the world not enough people are talking about are De Van and Hellsingland Underground. It’s nonsensical at best how these two bands aren’t on everyone’s playlist. [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor — American Mafia bassist Freddy Villano checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about the band’s new EP, Made in New York; how the band evolved after it started as Holy Water a decade ago; how the new music is being received around the world; what [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— There’s something about the Indie rock scene that brings music back to where it belongs. There’s so much musical airbrushing, auto-tuning, and sonic plastic surgery in music today “fake” doesn’t begin to describe whatever the hell it is [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— It seems like all of the “new” metal bands today aren’t really all that new. Sure, new name, but as far as that whole “fresh out of the package” smell, it’s just not happening often. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— Jag Panzer has always been one of those bands everyone has heard of, which isn’t the same as being the band everyone is talking about. That easily could have been taken care of when they released The Scourge of the Light, one of the most dominant Metal [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— There isn’t really enough Pop Punk in the world right now. There just isn’t. What happened to Lit making you ask why you drunkenly parked the car on the front yard, or Junior singing about the Burger King and the Dairy Queen, or Blink 182 running [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor — ColdSpell guitarist Michael Larsson checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about their brand new album A New World Arise; the new video for the track “Forevermore,” how songs like “Call of the Wild” and “Love Me Like You [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— Back in 2009, an unassuming band by the name of Holy Water released an album on Perris Records that was unheralded but such a comfortable and familiar brand of Hard Rock it did make an impact to those rock aficionados paying any attention. In fact, because of [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor— Straight outta Compton, no, make that Sweden, ColdSpell is back with A New World Arise, a sonic form of the “ice bucket challenge” to all the bands who are just going through the motions and releasing boring, rote, that [...]
by Derric Miller –Managing Editor– Last time out, the vocalist who was introduced to the world in the late ’80s as the wildly talented singer of Shy, Tony Mills, was a bit downtrodden. Not only that, he was (musically) in a dark, brooding pool of an unblinking abyss, and gave the [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — This kind of album needed to be released today. Like literally, whatever day you read this … THAT day. If you are paying even the slightest bit of attention to the world today, everything kind of sucks. You know what doesn’t suck? Moonlight [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor — When Mark Allen Lanoue interviewed with Hardrock Haven earlier this month, the best thing he said was that the song, “Tall Dark Secrets” didn’t make this album—the title of the release—but will be on the next one. With so many musicians [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor — One of the most curiously under the radar bands who have been creating top notch sleazy punk rock ‘n roll since the 1990s is The Erotics. Like the Ramones, their formula is simple. Unlike the Ramones, they are vicious, biting, caustic, acerbic, [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor – Screaming out of Hollywood is a new Rock band called Beat the Drag. Their debut full-length, What’s Your Damage, is chock-a-block full of snarky lyrics, biting social commentary, tales of drunken abandon, and good ol’ fashioned tainted love and [...]
by Derric Miller — Managing Editor — One of the nicest guys you’ll probably never meet, Marco Ferreira, has just released his fifth studio release with his band Ferreira, and there has to be a story somewhere why on the album art there’s the number “5” but the album is titled [...]
by Derric Miller Managing Editor — “Everybody seemed so depressed, yet nobody sang the blues. Except for this little band … we made the music feel new.” While that at first glance appears a grand claim, it just isn’t. It’s accurate, it’s a fact (not an opinion) and it’s also [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — Airy, atmospheric, weird, artful … any and all of those terms apply to the new music being created by a Canadian band with a German name — Druckfarben. Their new album is at once confusing and accessible, which tend not to lay in the same [...]
by Derric Miller – Managing Editor — Guitarist Rich Antonelli checked in with Hardrock Haven to talk about his prior “hair metal days” in bands like $kyhigh; his current role as Richie Sambora in the Bon Jovi tribute band named Bon Jersey; his writing gig at; [...]
by Joe Mis – Columnist — From out of Dallas comes the hard rocking quartet that calls itself Love Stricken Demise, and they’ve just released their first EP, a four track disc called Pyschotrip. Although the band may be unfamiliar, some of the members may not be, particularly if [...]
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